The 25th Anniversary collection of the Back to the Future Trilogy recently came out, and most of the film’s stars and production team (Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Mary Steenburgen, Bob Gale, Neil Canton, Robert Zemeckis and Huey Lewis) all gathered in New York, to celebrate.

According to io9, a number of interesting little tidbits about the production were learned from the insightful panel. For example, in Back to the Future 2 (the one in the future), Zemeckis and his team made the very first flat screen television.

Robert Zemeckis: You know how we had to do the flat-panel TV screen. It’s not an optical, because Michael stands in front of it. We had to get a piece of rear projection material and put it in a frame. We had a video projector film on an aperture that went through the back wall in the set. So that the projector and the frame turned together. So when Michael went and adjusted the frame, all these special effects guys turned this whole rig. We predicted that right.


The cast also discussed where they all think their characters would be in 2010.

Lea Thompson didn’t know where Lorriane McFly would be today, because she played so many different scenarios of the character.

Michael J. Fox: “Marty’s a family man, [I can see him] struggling with his kids, doing the same things that I’m doing. Although I’m not struggling with my kids, but they certainly are a handful [Laughs].”

Christopher Lloyd: “Doc, I don’t think Doc’s changed. He still coming up with new contraptions, ideally.”

Mary Steenburgen: I guess she would still be married to the Doc and they would be flying in and out of the time space continuum.”

Lastly, there is an auction of Back To The Future props to celebrate the anniversary, with all the proceeds going to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Many of the stars and production team have put up items, but a few were kept for sentimental or personal reasons. Luckily, the panel spilled the beans about a few of their keepsakes.

Things we learned at the Back To The Future reunion

Bob Gale: “The USA Today items are from my personal collection, so yes I kept some, but I also donated…It’s all for a good cause. I wish I had more props to donate”

Things we learned at the Back To The Future reunion

Lea Thompson: “I still have my pink dress, from the Prom. And every Halloween my kids try it on and I’m like, no you can’t wear that to a party.”

Things we learned at the Back To The Future reunion

Michael J. Fox: What I wish I had was that freaking guitar. I was so stupid that I didn’t buy that. And that little yellow chiquita, when the amp blows Marty back. I wish I had that, but I don’t. I think I have some shoes, I think I have a pair of Nikes that Marty wore. Maybe some other stuff… I’m not sure what I have, my kids will find it one day.

Things we learned at the Back To The Future reunion

Christopher Lloyd: “I’ve got a yellow shirt with trains on it. That’s it.”

Mary Steenburgen: The actress who played Clara kept a tiny pin, from her costume that said Clara on it. But she gave it as a gift to her friend Clara, who took her to see the Beatles when she was 5, as a thank you.

Things we learned at the Back To The Future reunion

Huey Lewis: “I have nothing, I wish I had kept the glasses that I wore for my little cameo.”

There were many more interesting tidbits shared on the panel, including more footage of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly (he was originally cast in the role and filmed 5 weeks of footage before he was replaced by Michael J. Fox), and a rumored audition tape of Johnny Depp for the role of Marty.

Head on over to io9 for more.

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