If you’ll recall, in June it was announced that Warner Bros would be trading away the rights to both the next Friday the 13th flick, and the sequel to the South Park movie for a portion of Chris Nolan‘s upcoming Interstellar to Paramount. A condition of the deal was that Paramount must produce and release an F13 sequel within 5 years. Soon after it was announced that a new Friday the 13th–with a found-footage angle (ugh) was in development…and then what happened?

Jack squat, that’s what–until now.

Exhibitor Relations has just Tweeted that Paramount will be releasing a new Friday the 13th 0n March 13, 2015 (yes, that’s a Friday)


And yes, we’re dealing with a WHOLE new reboot–not a sequel to the (honestly not bad) 2009 reboot, nor an addition to the original franchise.

All I can say is, I personally hope the reports of taking our dear Mr. Voorhees into “Blair Witch” territory prove false. Found-footage horror is nothing more than a smoke-screen to mask a filmmaker’s incompetence by my reckoning.

I don’t care if it’s more ‘realistic”–there’s enough ‘realistic’ horror on the news every day: I watch the movies to escape reality–not wallow in it. Give me absurd, impossible, cinematic horror any day 🙂

This release date puts Friday the 13th right in the middle of the “Big Sequel Smackdown” of 2015–a year when films such as Avengers: Age Of Ultron, ID4 Forever, Avatar 2, and oh yeah: Star Wars Episode VII are scheduled for release….Jason better sharpen up his machete.

Anyway, more info on this project will be made available as it is announced.

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