It’s a formula as old as time; ginormous monster, huge city, mass hysteria and destruction. And there is no better catalyst for this story than Godzilla also known as the “King of the Monsters.” This summer Godzilla will return to the big screen in Godzilla Resurgence and the new trailer gives us a glimpse of the potential annihilation of Japan.


Toho Pictures, known for creating the original Godzilla movie all the way back in 1954, are producing their first Godzilla film since 2004. It is clear to see the influence of the more classic Godzilla, with the colossal frame of the creature standing up right with limited movement. Partner this with its classic roar (or SKREEEONK if you’re a fan of 90’s Dark Horse Comics) and you have a nostalgic feel to the trailer that fans of the Godzilla lineage can appreciate, particularly after big budget, CGI laden outings for Bryan Cranston and Matthew Broderick in 2014 and 2008 that received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike.

What seems different this time around is that the classic leg it and hope for the best survivalist approach has been scrapped and in its place, a more aggressive approach. Japan’s army seems to throw its best, brightest and boldest at Godzilla with an almighty arsenal of helicopters, tanks and missiles that could see off the mightiest of foes. The other major change to the more recent interpretations of the creature is Godzilla’s features. Less giant dinosaur and more legitimate monster from our nightmares, Godzilla is covered in patches of lava that can’t be comfortable (and probably contributes to his irritability) and sports a scarred face Dr Evil would be proud of! Compared to the dino-like CGI incarnations of Godzilla, Resurgence could provide viewers with a creature feature like no other.

Godzilla Resurgence looks to give Godzilla fans something they may have been missing out on in recent years. Throw in some modern warfare and a whole heap of impending doom and you have what could be Godzilla’s finest hour.

Godzilla Resurgence is set for release in Japan July 29th by Toho Pictures but has no UK release date yet (or if there will even be one!)

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