Welcome to another edition of Star Wars-y goodness, filled with all the latest news, rumors and random crap regarding Disney’s shiny new toy.  This week, Warwick Davis says Ewoks are awesome, the Carrie Fisher in-again-out-again conundrum, the challenges of time and Episode VII and the retirement of a veteran Star Wars producer.

So without further ado, brace yourselves.

A short time ago, in a galaxy that looks pretty much the same as our own, there was a franchise purchased…

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Many people are under the opinion that the Ewok hordes from Return of the Jedi were the most annoying ideas that graced the Star War universe until the arrival of Jar-Jar Binks.  And while I remember loving the crap out of the fuzzy-wuzzy bears when I was nine, I tend to agree with that judgment in my old age.

Warwick Davis (that’s the guy who dressed up in the Wicket suit) does not agree with the above conclusion, however, and in an interview with Metro, he had this to say:

There are Star Wars fans who don’t appreciate Ewoks for what they were. We kicked arse and helped the rebels defeat the Empire. Without us, what would have happened? But some people see Ewoks as an excuse to sell merchandise; they were ‘too cute’ and so on. That’s a minority view within the Star Wars community. When I go to the events, everyone is usually happy to see me. Those are the sort of people who look forward to playing the Star Wars video games where you get to be a Stormtrooper and kill Ewoks. They know who they are.

You go Warwick!  Although I do have to wonder if he’d be up to reprising his role as Wicket in Episode VII: Return of the Marketing Gimmick.


Next up, a little (and by little I mean not much at all) news concerning once-princess Leia, Carrie Fisher.  When asked if she’d want to come back for Episode VII, Fisher seemed okay with the idea.  But apparently now she has a different opinion.  It didn’t come directly from the Fisher herself, but an official mouthpiece had this to say:

She hasn’t confirmed anything.  Everything you’ve seen has been tongue-in-cheek.

Either that or she asked Disney about it and they laughed her out of the studio.  It just goes to prove, once you can’t fill out the slave outfit, you’re done in this business, baby!


In part three of our ongoing Star Wars saga, one famous screenwriter had a bit of advice for Disney concerning their incredibly ambitious plans to drop Episode VII on us in 2015.  Ron Shusett, the guy who did the screenplays for the original Total Recall and Alien flicks, says that Disney and Co. might not be able to pull it off.

I could spend a bunch of time paraphrasing it for you guys, but I think you should just read the copy-paste instead, to save me some time:

I don’t think you could put a timetable on that, because the director isn’t even there yet. What if they’re not on the same page?  It takes you until it takes you.


Who directs it is crucial. But I don’t think getting a director is a formidable challenge.  I think the next barrier or challenge would be the casting. That’s the tricky or difficult part.

Yeah, well when you have a giant pile of cash like Disney does, you can most likely motivate your people to work 25 hours a day.  Not to mention that they’ve been planning this since way before the announcement of their purchase of Lucasfilm, so I’m guessing they’ll be okay (though the movies might suffer).


And the final chapter of our Star Wars madness, the not-so-sad passing of one franchise veteran.  Apparently, producer Rick McCallum is retiring from Lucasfilm, never to work on Star Wars again.

What did this guy do, you ask?  Well, he helped put together all those nifty digital effect for the Star Wars Special Editions.  And yes, those are the ones with all the extra crap that many people got annoyed with.  He was also involved in a similar aspect with regards to all three of the prequel movies, and we all know how that one went.

So, it looks like no big loss.  The fewer names that cross over from the prequels to the new films, the better.  In my opinion, they should all be rounded up and shipped off to a desert island along with Lucas, never to be allowed in Hollywood again.


Special thanks to blastr, /film, The Hollywood Reporter and East Valley Tribune for the news.

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