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The latest Thor: The Dark World trailer hit the other day and, if you ask me, it’s looking pretty good so far.  Now, just in case you needed a little help understanding what was going on in the trailer (or are just interested in some of the behind-the-scenes chatter), some of the cast and crew of Thor 2 have gotten together and made some comments about a few of the shots we saw.  Check out the images and what people had to say below.  <after the jump>

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So, according to producer Craig Kyle, this is some sort of ultra-prison built by Thor’s great-grandpa, Buri.  He also had a few words to say about its design:

While the exterior still feels very ancient and stone, the inside of these chambers have been upgraded to hold in new creatures and beasts. Across the way [from Loki], you see Marauders [rag-tag invaders of the Nine Realms] and demons.

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Here we have the wonderful realm of Svartalheim, home to the Keebler… er, I mean the Dark Elves.  According to director Alan Taylor:

I was adamant about going to Iceland [where Game Of Thrones’ Beyond The Wall segments are shot] and England to try and create the climate that I wanted the movie to have — this real geography and geology and atmosphere.

heimdall 1

And oh look!  There’s Idris Elba, AKA Heimdall.  Kyle had this to say about Heimdall’s presence and character development in the sequel:

Heimdall has some huge, huge scenes in this one. I think anyone who’s a fan of Idris and Heimdall is really going to get an amazing exploration of his character. Everything has been slightly evolved and pushed since the first film — it’s a different time.

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And what comment barrage would be complete without Tom Hiddleston, the god of chaos himself, the almighty Loki?  Apparently, Hiddleston had a great time with this one, because he had this to say:

You think, ‘Well, where next? What’s he going to do?’ What level of remorse does he have? If he does have any remorse or regret: why? Who does he feel guilty in front of, and who does he laugh in the face of? What’s his motivation? If he stands to win, what does he stand to win? So as a character you’ve got all these new motivations, but as an actor I am absolved from playing hero or villain — I’m just a firework, the live wire. And that was more fun than I can possibly tell you.

malekith 1

Here is our bad guy, the villain Malekith.  Christopher Eccelston also gave his two cents on playing this FX-heavy role:

The huge challenge for me on this was the length of the make-up. I was in the chair for at least six hours, and then it would take about 45 minutes to get me into my costume and get me kitted up.

malekith 2

Of course, Malekith’s not the only baddie to be taking on Thor and his allies.  There’s also that big-ass dude with the horns, better known as Kurse.  Taylor had a few things to say about that guy as well:

Algrim in a way is the most impressive villain presence in the movie. He’s quite something when he turns into Kurse. Adewale [Akinnuoye-Agbaje] spends a lot of time under layers of latex and stuff, and I was so impressed by his performance, he brought so much to it. Sometimes we would do his scenes with a stuntman and the movement just wasn’t the same, and we’d go back and shoot it with Adewale because of all the bodywork he put into it. I think he deserves some attention, although he’ll be buried under prosthetics!

selvig 1

Stellan Skarsgard, AKA Dr. Erik Selvig, mentioned some stuff about his own character’s development from the events of The Avengers to Thor 2: The Dark World:

Having a god in your head for a while creates some psychological problems and I’m trying to get rid of them. I start this film in a, let’s say, disrupted mode.

battle 1

And finally, another one from Kyle, who apparently went out of his way to give some fanboys a big, fat Thor-boner with this obscure monster:

This is a little Easter egg for folks. This is a Stone Man from Saturn. In the very first issue that Thor appeared in, Journey Into Mystery #83, he fought these guys. So we basically brought them back! For the boys who have been reading a long time or know this stuff, it’s icing on the cake.


Thanks to CBM for the heads-up.

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