THOR! Usher “More” Parody

Memba that Transformers-themed Black Eyed Peas parody video from a few months back? Ya know, the one with the girl dressed as bumblebee, or *ahem* otherwise known as bumbledeedee -’cause she has massive mammies (girl is the tits. Literally). Anyway that snappy, toe-tapping jingle was from the minds of nerdy music troupe Screen Team.

Well, the maestros of nerd culture tunes, Angie Griffin (Tits Mcgee) and Chad Nikolaus are back. This time with “Thor! Usher “More: Parody”.

Now, no nerd in their right mind purposely likes Usher so you might not be familiar with his song “More”, but  I don’t think you don’t need to know the original song to enjoy the video. Especially with lines like “I’m a beast. I’m a warrior. I’m that real bastard from asgard”,  “watch your ass well I’m swinging mjolnir” and “I can literally make it rain because I’m Thor”. Plus there’s plenty of slow motion Gallagher type hammer smashing and least not forget Angie Griffins tits.

via: ToplessRobot

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