It seems that things are movie quickly for the next James Bond movie, the 25th in the long running British spy series. It was announced the other day that the new Bond movie will be in theatres everywhere in November 2019, and that’s without a director, writer, cast, or even a star, since present Bond Daniel Craig is still a big ole question mark in regards to his participation. But today we take another step closer as a short list of potential directors has been leaked, and it’s a pretty compelling list. 

According to Deadline, your frontrunners are: Denis Villeneuve, Yann Demange, and David MacKenzie. Now Villleneuve is the most well-known on this list, coming off Oscar-nominations for Arrival and on the brink of releasing his biggest film to date, Blade Runner 2049. Because of that, it seems somewhat doubtful that a director like Villeneuve might want to dive back into franchise movie waters, especially where he might have less creative control. MacKenzie is recognizable as the director of last year’s indie hit Hell or High Water, but he’s also prepping a new movie about Robert the Bruce, AKA: Braveheart, called Outlaw King.

That leaves Demange, who’s directed a lot of British TV and the 2014 movie ’71 about a young soldier lost and separated from his unit during riots in 1971 Belfast. According to VarietyDemange is actually the only frontrunner, so it could be that the Bond producers are already thinking along these same lines in terms of the availability of the other, but they may also be dubious considering that Demange only has one movie under his belt.

On the flip side, the studio is also said to be looking at Christopher Nolan and Edgar Wright as potential directors too, but Nolan has already ruled himself out, and given how things turned out with Ant-Man, a movie he worked on for over a decade, it’s doubtful that he’d want to expose himself to another circumstance where his own ideas come secondary to the needs of the studio.

James Bond 25 will be in theatres everywhere on November 8, 2019.

Source: io9

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