Tickets for the midnight screening of The Avengers are already on sale, with some theatres selling out, but only if you live in these select cities. If you don’t live anywhere near those towns you can wait until March 16th when tickets go on sale just about everyone where else. In anticipation they’ve released this map marking where tickets are already on sale. Y’know, just to stab you in heart with the fact you live no where near any of those Avenger logo targets and twist it. Marvel marketing, you cruel bastards.

They’ve also released new posters (see below), which are the same as the old posters, but photo-shopped just enough we’ll get excited and want one anyway. And that’s good news because these are poster you’ll be getting if you purchase the Ultimate Marvel Movie tickets. For all the info on the marathon as well as when you can purchase tickets check out their Facebook page.

What, no love for Thor?

The Avengers opens nationwide May 4th.


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