If you ever watched the made for TV movie in the late 80’s which I Vvvvvvvvvvvvaguely recall,  Alice was being chased by this Dragon called a Jabberwocky. Apparently in Tim Burtons adaptation, she will SLAY that beast in some sexy armor! I can only gather that much, Movieline.com also has claimed that the Mad Hatter will play a pivotal role in the movie’s climax fighting alongside Alice.

But to digress a tad, I think that the Mad Hatter is  alongside her most of the film because of the Bromance betwixt Burton and Depp. So a tiny side character such as the Hatter may now be a major character because he was written in that way for Johnny Depp to have yet another scene stealing character to indulge.

Is it fair? No. Depp is the star of ALL Burton’s films now, so Alice in Wonderland may very well become Johnny Depp as “The Mad Hatter in Wonderland”. You heard it from me first ladies and gentlemen.

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