The Star Trek veteran (because he deserves to be called a veteran at this point, IMO) Brent Spiner did a live webchat earlier this week, promoting his new webseries: Fresh Hell. During the webchat, however, he decided to do some self-pluggage and start a movement to get himself back in the Star Trek game.

I am thinking more about the next Star Trek movie and more about who can I be in it. I did this character Arik Soong [on Star Trek Enterprise], not to be confused with Dr. Soong on the [TNG], this was his predecessor. And I would like to start a campaign, maybe right here tonight, its called BBS—Bring Back Soong. And I want you to flood JJ Abrams offices with that: BBS, Bring Back Soong.

You’ve probably inferred from the above quote that he’s not interested in reprising the role for which he’s known, Lt. Commander Data.

I don’t think that could happen. Look at me. I am a shockingly older gentleman. I don’t see that I could wear that makeup anymore. I think that would look really stupid. I love the character and I wish I started it much younger, but I was already in my mid sixties when I started [joke]. I just don’t think I could get away with it. Yeah they could CGI it, but why not just CGI the whole character and forget about me.

Given that Shatner’s jumped ship, it’d be nice to get Spiner back on the boat. (It’s more of a yacht.)

Thoughts? Will you be supporting the Bring Back Soong campaign?

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