Its been tipped out of a British paper, or some other Euro trash talker, but all the NerdBastard-esque sites including has confirmed that a “leak” which may or may not be true has been unleashed!

Yes, a good one. Meghan Fox may or may not be down to be the new CATWOMAN in Batman 3!!! Also, even though he is attached to other projects, Christopher Nolan has been in “tipped” for returning to direct.

All I can say is…In my opinion…That MEGHAN FOX ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO BE CATWOMAN!!!! For the NerdBastards out there fiending for her in something skintight, and careerwise, it would be her best move. This “tip” thats been “leaked” could all be a snappy campaign for buzz, or it is what it is, just bullshit talk.

Sweet baby Jesus and the orphans…I hope the latter.

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