TMNT: Crazy Pizza Taste Test

If you thought you were a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, well these guys and gals take the “pizza”! I mean this literally! The crew of AVGN and the Cinemassacre took their love for TMNT, and went through every original cartoon episode to create and try every pizza mentioned. The Pizza taste test’s hilarious taste bud reactions have to be Chocolate Sprinkles with Clam Sauce, Sardine Chili Pepper Whip Cream, and Chocolate Fudge with extra Garlic. The ones with positive responses were Pepperoni and Pickle, Hot Oatmeal Pizza, and Pepperoni with Marshmallow.  The funniest double innuendo line was, “Did you swallow? Aww…you swallowed!”

Of course I do have to warn you that if you plan on watching this video of Epic Pizza craziness you’ll need 10 minutes of free time available. But those ten minutes will take you on a journey through Michelangelo’s exotic and horrendous sounding pizzas.  So, hats to the crews of AVGN and the Cinemassacre for not vomiting, and simply taking the leap of faith and take a bite of these weird pizzas.

-via: Blastr

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