Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fans, prepare to feel a touch more at ease with the upcoming reboot. After the grand ruiner of nice things, Michael Bay, started this whole alien/mutant nonsense and everyone and anyone came out of the wood work with an opinion, we might be close to closing this whole thing off. Jonathan Liebesman, the dude that will direct the damn movie has come out with some new info.

Talking to i09.com, he had this to say:

“I think fans are going to be very happy. Kevin Eastman, one of the co-creators, and I have been stuck in a room for a few weeks with the writers. That’s how we’re doing it —with the co-creator. Anything is always going to tie back into the mythology. I think fans are going to be really excited when they see what’s going on. Because a fan of TMNT, myself, I’m super excited about this stuff.”

Really that is very similar to what we have heard from a few different places will do nothing to silence the nerd outcry. It’s what he said over on Collider that really could be a game changer.

“Look, it’s so funny—if everyone was such a die-hard fan, they would know that the TCRI canisters where the ooze comes from.  That is alien ooze.  Now I’m not saying what Michael said is exactly what the movie is, because we’re sitting in a room now figuring everything out.  So we don’t know, but we are like Michael said: we’re expanding it, and the expansion will be true to the mythology.”

So, it they are obviously still really early in the creative process and Liebesman seems rather insistent that they are doing right by the mythology of the property. Hmmmm, could be just be back peddling? Maybe Micheal Bay was just shooting is mouth off? Who knows.

Oh, and he also mentions that filming could start as early as this fall and when asked about how the turtles (alien or otherwise) would be brought to life, he responded “All I’ll say is that I love how they did [The Rise of the Planet of the Apes]. That was exceptional.”

Mo-cap the hell out of the turtles if you want, man. Keep them mutant and we’re all good. You can watch the full video of his interview with Collider after the jump.

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