Apparently, your lunch box is now considered part of your clothing when it comes to some schools. I never realized I was making such a fashion statement in my Captain America lunch box selection. Young Laura probably wasn’t trying to make a statement either when she took her Wonder Woman lunch box to school, but things sometimes have a way of going from simple to “You’ve got to be kidding me” in 60 seconds. Such will be the case of the Too Violent Wonder Woman Lunch Box.These images below have been making the Internet rounds today, mainly because people can’t get over how silly the whole thing is. Twitter user @auntiesiannan posted the images which contains a letter sent home from the school.

I could try to make sense of this, offer some arguments that not all superheroes are violent or only use violence to solve problems, but we all know that isn’t really going to solve this problem. If I was to offer or make any point it would be that at least this lunch box doesn’t show her punching someone or committing a violent act. In fact it only points out two of Wonder Woman’s more endearing qualities of beauty and wisdom.

Here are a couple of points I would like to make. We don’t know if this is a public or private school, and that really doesn’t make much of a difference. This is a result of trying to make one policy that fits every situation. No one in the Public Education system, and most private schools, is willing to be the one who sticks their head out by applying logic or common sense to each situation. Everyone wants One Rule – One Punishment instead of looking at each instance separately, because the first time little Joey isn’t treated like Little Mary some parent is going to go Ape-Shit about it.

Can you make any sense of this for me?

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