3805If you haven’t heard, listen up. R.A. Salvatore (American author best known for The Demon Wars saga) has teamed up with the legendary Todd McFarlane (best known for his Spawn comic book series and toys  and work on Marvel’s Spiderman). Together with Curt Schilling these are the visionaries behind a much-anticipated new video game being created by some hot industry talent (including Irena Pereira who was named in the Top 10 Most Influential Women of MMOs) at 38 Studios in Maynard, MA. – Code Name: Copernicus.

Copernicus is the codename for an unparalleled MMOG entertainment experience set in a truly evolving fantasy world that is both warmly familiar and intriguingly unique.”


Check out the video of Salvatore and McFarlane talking about the game, and without further adieu I give you the first taste of the concept art for the world of Copernicus:





So lets sit back and watch as 38 Studios executes their claim to “redefine the boundaries of conventional gaming and media and ultimately win the War of the Worlds.” — Sounds like a plan.

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