Tom Hiddleston In “Advance Talks” For 007 Role

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Bond. James Bond. The film franchise spans 54 years and has given us 6 different actors portraying the agent known as 007. Continuing the legacy of Ian Fleming’s beloved British character, EON Productions intends on making what is being called ‘Bond 25,‘ aptly named for this becoming the 25th film in the franchise. But a brouhaha has developed as to just who will portray the smooth, martini-drinking, super spy with all the cool gadgets.

Sources close to actor Tom Hiddleston are confirming that he is in “advanced talks” to take over the role of James Bond from Daniel Craig. Talk of a new 007 have been swirling with everyone from Hiddleston, to Idris Elba, to Gillian Anderson throwing their name in as interested in the super spy role.

Earlier this month, word was spreading that current Bond, Daniel Craig, reportedly turned down a $100 million deal to continue on as 007 and also that the actor told the studio he was done with Bond, though neither has been confirmed.

007 THTom Hiddleston possibly becoming the next James Bond is a rumor which comes from Birth Movies Death, who received this information from “sources close to Tom Hiddleston.” Granted, with this being a rumor and not yet confirmed by Hiddleston, his agent, or producers of the Bond films, we should take this at face value. However, Birth Movies Death does have an excellent track record in providing reliable sources and doing the necessary fact-checking.

Hiddleston has been vocal about his desire to play super agent James Bond and quite frankly, he has the looks, demeanor, and acting chops to pull off 007, albeit a different style of Bond that Craig delivered in Casino Royale, Skyfall, and Spectre. Craig was more of the action star. Hiddleston would bring back a classic look to Bond as the actor carries a demeanor and presence about him that exudes a suave, sophisticated, clever, sharp-witted, debonair, classy sort of chap.

Bond 25Daniel Craig is still under contract to the series, and there is always the possibility that this rumor being circulated is a Hollywood spin in effort of luring Craig into agreeing to take on ‘Bond 25.’ Honestly, that’s probably not the case. Craig has been searching for non-Bond movie roles, such as the Steven Soderburgh film ‘Logan Lucky‘ which is currently in pre-production. He has also signed on for a television series adaptation of Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity.

If Hiddleston were to sign on for the role, one would think that he would likely be committing to a multi-picture deal, similar to Craig. Actually, the only actor to portray James Bond in just ONE film was George Lazenby. That’s right, lest we forget, Timothy Dalton did appear in TWO films (somehow).

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