Tom Wilson’s Biff Song


Did you know the dude that played Biff from Back To The Future is a comedian? Ya, I didn’t know either. Hey I’m happy the dudes getting work. Wait, no I’m not. The fucker just cost me money in the pool of celebrities most likely to have their police mugshot on TMZ. Anyway, Biff, I mean Tom Wilson is asked alot of the same questions by BTTF fans. Like “What’s Michael Fox Like” or “Was that real Manure”? Wilson decided to turn the answers into a song as part of his comedy act.

The video is a bit old but you can thank slashfilm for digging it up. At least now if I run into Biff down the street I’ll already have my questions answered. Atleast the main ones. Always wondered if his motivation for Biff’s bullly nature stemmed from the characters possible small penis. Also want to know if he bagged Lea Thompson in real life.

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