In this months issue of GameInformer they had a Top 10 list that was rather interesting. I don’t know if I agree with them all but all I know is out of all the characters, there is an asian, a medieval knight, and a robot….Not ONE black fighter….I’m not saying GameInformer is racist but….Judge for yourself.

10)Bayman-Dead or Alive- I don’t know who this asshole is, but King Slender from Nintendo’s Pro Wrestling was cooler.

9)Fulgore-Killer Instinct- An arcade turned one of the first Nintendo64 games…The cool back then, style of graphics are still fun, but Fulgore sucked hard.

8)Genan Shiranui-Samaruai Showdown- Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my God!!!! Who the fuck is Genan Shiranui!!!

7)Chun Li- Street Fighter- Should have been number one!! This girl could wall spring like Vega, head stomp and catch you in midair! Besides being the hottest, she had her annoying “Ya Tah!!” way before Hiro on Hero’s.

6)Sol Badguy-Guilty Gear- (See Genan Shiranui)

5)Sentinel-Marvel VS Capcom 20- Perhaps the strongest character in the game and yet, Chun Li would rip him apart!

4) Jin Kazama-Tekken- Tekken was the K-Mart VirtuaFighter……FAIL

3)Scorpion-Mortal Kombat- “Get over here!!!!!!” One of the original gangstas of fighting video games.. Scorpion  was as distinguishable  as Sub Zero, the gamedesigners really were trying to save some cash I think, so they made one blue and one yellow.

2)Nightmare-Soul Calibur-The biggest,baddest, muthafucka in SC. Also happened to be the slowest…Killer if he hit you, but rarely had the opportunity…

1)Akuma-Street Fighter- Ya. Ok. Akuma was Ken and Ryu mixed together like when Letterman does “Children Of”. Chun Li is the Ultimate….But I’m Biased, I play a young chinese female street fighter on TV.

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