In recent days I have come across numerous lists of Top 10 Hottest Sci-Fi/Action/Fantasy girls, and instead of just linking one onto here, I decided to compile my own compilation. Yes, some are on the same lists, but hey I work with what I can get my hands on…Here are some of the girls of NB cinema, for better…or better.

Natalie Portman- Amadala and V for Vendetta – I guess Portman wasn’t exactly “SEXY” in these movies. Maybe “Closer”, I didn’t know she could get so dirty and still be classy…Wait, what does that even mean?


Carrie Fisher- Return of the Jedi – When girl became woman! Obviously number one on most lists, I’m only bumping the first lady of Sci-Fi Sexy up here to make room for some others. Everyone knows that Leia as Jaba’s slavegirl was the prototypical male fantasy. Thank god Luke knew she was his sister before the rescue…


Jessica Alba- Fantastic 4 -Ok, so the movie sucked. Sorry, it did. But the Invisable Girl had those piercing saphire blue eyes, and always seemed to find herself naked in each movie. All her films aside, Alba graces the four walls of my mind each night I dream, NerdBastard or not.


Milla Jovavich – 5th Element – Dear god….I wish that’s all I had to say for a description. But before Jovavich starts speaking english in this highly underated sci-fi extravaganza, her crystal eyes and wild red hair set every guy (and some girls) on fire. Not to mention her…Paper…Diaper…Bikini, strappy thing…outfit. Dear God….


Kate Beckinsale- Selene – It’s gotta be the eyes in most of these girls! Selene, slaughtering Lycans and vampires alike never stops the sexy the whole time. Kate Beckinsale was hot in “Click” with Adam Sandler for Christ’s sake! Even Christopher Walken thought so! Her and that “Rockin’ Bod!”


Angelina Jolie- Wanted – Has anyone, towel in hand, ever slinked from a regeneration tub so sexily as Jolie in Wanted? I think not. She brings the badass as she does in most of her films, but instead Lara Croft, I give Fox the cred for keeping her vow and honor to the Fraternity’s code….And walking naked out of the tub….


Sherri Moon Zombie- House of 1000 Corpses – 1,2,3! Who should I kill? Every Muthafucka, runnin up the hill! The smokin’ hot wife of Rob Zombie certainly keeps getting work cuz of her husband but Baby from “House” was a demented, psychotic sexpot who slept in a bed of dead cheerleaders. Those assless chaps she wears to “Pussy Liquers” ?…..THE WHOLE MOVIE.


Selma Blair-Liz Hellboy 2- Maybe not so SEXY, but Liz definitely brings the fire and an enigmatic hottness to Hellboy’s live in girlfriend. When shes in her little underwear, booty shorts in the bathroom, it reminds us that Selma Blair has total “SEXY” potential.


Diane Krugar- Troy – While pretty in “National Treasure”, Krugar IS the face that launched a thousand ships. While showing plenty of skin and batting those razor sharp lashes the only thing that takes your eyes off of her, are Orlando Bloom’s dinner plate nipples…And Eric Bana….”If anyone of us get laid tonight, it’s because of eric Bana in fucken Munich!” (I’m such a movie nerd, I can’t help but quote another movie within another movie.)


Sookie- True Blood – How HBO took the flat haired, gap toothed Rogue from X-Men and turned her into the blonde, short shorted, C-Cup showin’ Sookie, I may never know. But keeping the peace between out of the coffin vampires and wacky humans is her MO with that active telepathy. Now balls deep into season 2, Sookie is showin FULL NUDE in every other episode…But it’s tasteful, I swear, I watch it for the articles….

Honorable mention-Liv Tylor, LOTR, No Sexiness I think, but definitely nerd, elf hottness, which is the reason  Kevin Smith deemed her “SportFuck” on the set of Jersey Girl

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