Everyone has their favorite tunes they jam to. Whether it be pop, rock, rap, hip-hop or country (me, I’m kind of a folk-rock nerd. I love me some banjo), but there is one type of music we can agree upon, nerdy tunes and parodies. The internet is ripe with parodies and original songs celebrating everything we hold dear; gaming, Star Wars, those hot chicks cosplaying sexy outfits forcing you to excuse yourself. We all know what you’re doing in that convention hall bathroom, you dirty boy.

Here’s a list of ten of the best nerdy music videos and parodies on the webz. Get ready to rock out with your Spock out!

“I Kissed A Nerd” by Damsels of Dorkington

Once you’ve gone nerd, you’ll never, umm…leave the herd? I’m terrible at rhyming. But this video from the Damsels of Dorkington is a fantastic epiphany of a song in which we learn, hey, nerdy guys (and gals) can be a hot date. Sometimes you want brain over brawn, and nerds have huge brains.

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“Geek and Gamer Girls” Team Unicorn

This song raised a lot of controversy when released. Some praised it’s ‘girls are geeks, too’ attitude while others hated the ‘stereotypical hot nerd girl fantasy.’ But whatever, it’s got hot girls talking about nerdy things, what are you not gonna like? The hot girls are Team Unicorn, named for the elusive beast of fantasy because geek girls, like the unicorns, aren’t believed to really exist. Keep an eye out for some famous cameos, too.


“Primeday” by TeddieFilms

What’s a parody song list without a reworking of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” But don’t worry, this one is much, much better. They replaced all the crap about tweeny romance, high school and uh, days of the week with Star Wars, already infinitely improving the song. Umm, and why there’s a little, chubby dude playing Leia, I really have no clue, just go with it.


“Roll a D6” by Broken Record Films

This is a recent nerdy tune, but I thinks it’s pretty stellar. For one it has an absolutely perfect presentation of an all night quest, and I might be kind of crushing on their ranger, but whatever, let’s move on. Their costumes and effects are great, and the clever lyrics means this tunes got lasting appeal. I mean, I don’t think nerds are tiring of Dungeons and Dragons anytime soon.


“Video Game Girl” by Parry Gripp

You know this girl. Well, yes, you know Olivia Munn, but I was talking about that girl. The token chick at the video game store or comic book shop. The one whose never single when you meet her. Of course, I included this video from Parry Gripp’s many, many nerdy songs because it features HPOA Miss Munn. You should really check out Gripp’s site for more great tunes from this former Nerd Herder.


“Tonight I’m Frakking You” from Break

From the title alone you can tell this is a song made with the nerd demographic in mind. It’s a night out at the nerdiest bar in town and all you want is to get laid. Well, I’d saying you’re doing all right if you’re choosing between Amy Okuda and Allessandra Torressani. Also look for Kunal Nayar laying down sweet rhymes from his tie fighter.


“Galactic Empire State of Mind” from Break

Even I, the folk-rock nerd, have to admit the original tune from Jay-Z and Alicia Keyes is awesome. Change it up so it’s all about Star Wars. I’m in love. This song is so catchy I find myself singing the chorus to myself constantly. I apologize a head of time for when you find yourself singing, “In Staaaaarrr Waaaarrrsss…” on the bus. This video also has amazing production quality, most likely because it’s a from a site like Break, and all of the costumes really look fantastic.


“Fett’s Vette” by MC Chris

Who is the biggest badass in all of Star Wars? Vader? Luke? Han? Nuh-uh. It’s Boba the Fett. His backpack’s got jets. Which of course lead to his eventual downfall and consumption by the Sarlacc pit. Unless you subscribe to the extended universe where he chewed his way out or something like that. Whatever. This rap by the legend-nerdy MC Chris is perfect when you wanna cruise around Tattooine picking up space hookers.


“White & Nerdy” by Weird Al Yankovic

How can you have a list of parodies, let alone nerdy parodies and not include Weird Al. He’s only like, the king, no pope of parody songs! And nothing is nerdier than this “White & Nerdy” rap. You will, I guarantee, share in at least half of the nerdy qualities mentioned.


Oh, I think I saved the best for last. Not only is The Guild show you’re required to be watching, they also create their own original music videos. Their quality is unsurpassed and they’re great additions to an already awesome nerdy series. I couldn’t pick just one so I’ve included both videos, but if I did had to pick a favorite it’d be, “Do You Wanna Date My Avatar.” Probably has something to do with sultry Felicia Day singing about touching her +5 dexterity vest.


I know I didn’t include every kick-ass nerdy song out there, so share your favorites, please!

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