Top 5 Movies I Want A Sequel Or Prequel To

So in no particular order, I was thinking to myself (which I do quite often) and fantasizing about a bunch of flicks I want to see prequels to. Or sequels or new versions of them in any denomination. Here it is, Wicky wicky.

Predator- This one ugly motherfucker never got his due past 2 films! AVP does NOT COUNT! Aliens got 4 movies of their own plus the two AVP’s which were as bad as either of the Fantastic 4 films… Arnold? Worthy adversary. Danny Glover?….O…K. Maybe Pred3 we’ll get a new action star of the proper caliber these virtuous warriors deserve.

300- Now, I’ve heard that we may get a prequel or something, ANYTHING! 300 continues to be one of the most innovative and original films to date, not to mention beautifully shot. I’d love to see the development of Leonidas and his men during skirmishes and tribal fights. That would be a good day.

Kill Bill- One and two simply weren’t enough for the bride to exact her revenge, it may be a tad more difficult since David Carradine…..died. Bill is dead so this can’t be done, but I’d love to see it. Maybe the sociopathic Uma working her way up the rungs of professional killing…It could’ve been done…Kung Fu?  Would have never asphyxiated himself in a woman’s dress and panties…but you went out with style sir, and I think it was bad ass.

Sin City- I hear this one is coming too, but when? A prequel or a sequel, either way, I’m there! Also, Alba HAS to drop her laundry this time. She’s ready, I’m ready, the American people are ready. I want more Marv, more Bruce Willis, even a little more development on Josh Hartnett!

Incredible Hulk- We have word of Wolverine and Iron Man already. Ed Norton put some much needed gravitas into Bruce Banner and those scenes where his eyes would go green? Goosebumps. Plus Liv Tylor was beautifully poignant and the romance was sad yet remarkably funny and soft. The movie made decent bank and was well reviewed. I think with all Marvel’s projects lined up, Disney should not put this onto the back burner….

Anybody waiting for something too? Hit me with it!!

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