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When Ant-Man was announced people cheered because one of the most iconic comic book characters was coming to the big screen. When news about the casting came out, people hit the brakes. How could Paul Rudd play Ant-Man? Wasn’t he the guy in Clueless? Soon, people began to jump off the bandwagon as more and more details came out. Eventually, people began jumping ship when Edgar Wright left the project. Still, the movie kept chugging, and it prevailed through the sea of doubters. It’s currently the 11th in biggest opening weekends for a movie in 2015. And, of course, it’s one of the best movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that said, it’s no surprise that fans want their Ant-Man memorabilia. If you’re looking for a piece, then consider this: the Hot Toys Ant-Man – Artist Mix Deluxe Set of 3.

Thanks to the fine folks at Sideshow Collectibles, we got our hands on this awesome set to review. The first thing you may notice is that these don’t look like your ordinary action figures. Well you’re right. They’re actually bobble-heads. Of course, the first thing you’re probably thinking of are the figures they give out at ballparks to the first 1000 people who show up. Those figures are usually made out of cheap plastic and the head bobbles so much that it could practically fall off the moment you try to make it shake. These figures are nothing like that. As a plus, while the heads do bobble, they’re attached to a tight spring. So you can still poke at it, but the head won’t wobble off of it’s shoulders.

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The figures were also designed by the Japanese artist TOUMA. His artwork is very unique and very easy to spot. His design includes a normal sized body, but the head is slightly exaggerated. You’ll also notice that the arms are longer and the hands have also been exaggerated. If you look up his work, you’ll see it across the board. Okay, enough of the logistics, let’s get to the review.

Ant-Man Black Out

The first figure we’re going to check out is the Ant-Man Black Out figure. This figure is only available in this 3-piece set. So, if you want him, you’ll need to order this specific set.

antman blackout 1

This guy really stands out because of the color scheme. It’s simple and yet very effective. In fact, it’s something that should be in the movie. Another cool aspect about the Black Out figure is the paint they used to color it. The black has a matte finish. We tried to take great photos, but they just don’t do it any justice. It’s something you have to see in person to understand how nice it looks. This is what really separates Ant-Man Black Out from the rest of the figures.

Ant-Man (Regular Suit)

This Ant-Man figure is really special. The paint scheme isn’t anything special. From a far, it looks like just what we see in the movie. Up close, the paint scheme really accentuates the fine detail in the craftsmanship that goes into making these figures. The silver brings out all the different ridges and lines on the figure.

antman regular 1

Okay, the Ant-Man Black Out suit is really cool, but you can’t deny the spotlight for the original.


The set really wouldn’t be complete unless you included Yellowjacket. The first thing we said when we took it out of the box was “whoa!” When you finally take it out of the box, you’re also going to say “whoa!” Speaking of taking out of the box, when it was in it, you couldn’t tell that the extra arms where there. So when we took it out, here stood this figure with all of it’s limbs. Yes, yes, there is an image of Yellowjacket on the box. It’s all about the experience.

yellowjacket 1

Also, the limbs, while cool looking, don’t move. So don’t try to rearrange them. We tried; it didn’t work. Sad face.

The Ant-Man set

Individually, these figures can easily stand on their own in any display case. However, together, feel free to give them an entire shelf. Some additional things you should know. The figures have very sturdy bodies. They feel solid. Keep in mind, though, it may look like it, but their arms and waist do not move. So don’t try, you might damage them.

antman set 4
As a kid, you always had to work to try to make your action figures stand on their own. These stand on their own just fine. There was one exception, though. Our Black Out figure didn’t stand firmly. It kind of leaned on it’s right back heel. It was slight, but because the other figures were stood still with no problems, it was something that needed to be noted.

The bad stuff

Of course, not everything in the world is perfect. By now you’re probably wondering if there is anything that you should worry about. Other than the lean on the Black Out figure, there are a couple of things we’d like to mention. These figures are bobble-heads. So they’re heads are attached to springs. The springs are coiled a little tightly, so they’re heads won’t look like they’re going to fall of their shoulders, but they’re attached to springs nonetheless. With that said, there is a chance they could come off if not handled properly.

On the Ant-Man figures, the antennae are made of a thinner plastic. So, again, if handled improperly, they could be damaged.

Something that took us a bit to figure out were these small pieces of plastic that were in little bags that came with the figures. We didn’t realize what they were until we looked at the official images from the Sideshow Collectible website. Hence why they’re not seen in the previous photos. They’re the little hoses that attach from the back of the helmet to a small pack on the back of the figure.

Some closing thoughts

The Ant-Man – Artist Mix Deluxe Set of 3 set is a really good looking set of figures. If you do get it, you have to take the figures out of the box to really appreciate the work that went into making them. They are even better in person than in the photos we’ve provided. There’s almost a double edged sword when showing them off. The box it comes in has some amazing art work on it. If you don’t have a fancy case to show them off, then you could always leave them in the box. To tell you the truth, even though we had to take them out of the box to take pictures of them, we didn’t want them out too long for fear of anything happening to them or even getting the slightest bit of dust.

antman packaging 2
If you can get over our fear, then these would make a great addition to your collection or anyone else’s. It’s funny, these are supposed to be bobble-heads, but they don’t really bobble. Actually, we’d prefer if they didn’t bobble.

We really liked the TOUMA design. It leans towards the cartoon-ish side of the spectrum (if one exists). So if you’re a serious collector that is all about having figures that are life-like, then these might not fit your bill.

Finally, the price point on the set is a whopping $109.99. Compared to a lot of other high end figures, these are super affordable.

Final verdict: Buy it!

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