Thinking about giving some awesome Breaking Bad action figures to someone you love for Christmas? Well, don’t go to Toys ‘R’ Us to get them because some Florida killjoy/mom has decided that because she thinks its inappropriate for figures marketed to adult fans and in the adult section of the store to be sold in Toys ‘R’ Us stores. Hey, it’s only the country’s largest retailer, am I right? Whose going to go to Toys ‘R’ Us first to buy action figures? So anyway, Spartacus won, and had the whole kit and kaboodle of figures from Mezco Toys have been pulled from the shelves. But don’t think that this whole thing is going to end quietly, or without the input of a key figure from the Breaking Bad saga.

It began with a petition that has garnered over 9,000 signatures since first being posted. “While the show may be compelling viewing for adults, its violent content and celebration of the drug trade make this collection unsuitable to be sold alongside Barbie dolls and Disney characters,” reads the petition. “Parents and grandparents around the world shop at Toys ‘R’ Us, online and in stories, with their children and should not be forced to explain why a certain toy comes with a bag of highly dangerous and illegal drugs or why someone who sells those drugs deserves to be made into an action figure.”

Apparently, hysterical Fort Meyers, FL resident Susan Myers saw the figures in a section of the toy store reserved for action figures aimed at adult collectors, not Shamus’ in short pants. I guess Susan Myers had never been in a Toys ‘R’ Us before because I’d hate to know what she’d think of some of the more grisly McFarlane Toys inspired by horror movie monsters, and the imagination of Clive Barker. Here’s a picture of Myers:


But joking aside, stupidity seems to have won on this one. As reported by Fox News (via Comic, Toys ‘R’ Us has decided to pull the toys from the shelves. I guess you won, Susan, but don’t think you machinations to protect children from miniature plastic versions of fictional characters went unnoticed. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston took to Twitter to humorously poke fun at the whole debacle (via Uproxx).

Cranston sent out this tweet a couple of days ago:

He followed it up with this tweet today:

Watch yourself, Susan Myers. I think you just make Heisenberg’s to-do list.


UPDATE: Jesse Pinkman himself, Aaron Paul has gotten wind of this and took to Twitter with much hilarity:


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