Imagine if there were two parts to our world: one side that is the Top world and is vertically oriented from top to bottom, and another side that is the Bottom world where everything is upside down. Of course, both sides would hate the shit out of each other because humanity appears to have nothing better to do than to create discord amongst itself.

This is the premise of Upside Down, a sci-fi flick starring Kirsten Dunst and Jim Sturgess, directed by Juan Diego Solanas.  Solanas wrote the script alongside  Santiago Amigorena.  From the trailer, it appears to be a star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet kind of dealie where two people from opposite worlds fall in love and society throws all the shit at them for it.  Although it appears to be less silly than Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story and other tragic romances that have followed along those same lines.

Check out the trailer below!  It actually looks pretty good; I’d actually be interested in seeing it.  At this point, there is no set release date or even a distributor so we’ve no idea when we’ll be seeing this film in theatres.  Chances are it’ll start off as a film festival flick and go from there.

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