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There’s nothing quite like hearing the blood curdling screams of Sookie Stackhouse to start your off your True Blood experience. In the newest episode, Night on the Sun we see that Sookie has awakened from her coma and is screaming at the top of her lungs. Sookie tells Bill how she really feels, by describing their relationship as, “one long bloody fight.” I think that’s also a great way to describe the season thus far.

We also see that Queen Sophie Anne is not too happy with her new living arrangements with King Russell. However, the King sure is happy to now have acquired the state of Louisiana. Although the King is happy it is short-lived as he returns to an upset husband, a house freed of his captives and a whining and very angry female werewolf hell bent on getting revenge on Sookie. She is not the only one, Eric continues to convince the King that he is loyal to him while secretly plotting his revenge on the King for killing his father. And as always True Blood hits us with their political undertone, we see this in the conversation between the King and his husband:

“Fuck the authority!” King

“ You can’t buy your way out of everything.” Talbot

“Of course you can. It’s America.” King

Reunited and it feels so good. Bill and Jessica come back together only to be separated right after since as her maker he has the power to release her. Bill truly sees himself as unfit to care for someone after what has happened between him and Sookie. Although he has tried to free her Jessica decides to stay by Bill’s side.

We continue to see the relationship between Sookie and Alcide grow as well. They are bonded by the loss of the one’s they love. And FINALLY Sookie comes close to obtaining the fact that Jason has murdered Eggs which happened at the end of last season. This a plot line that had seemed to be done away with . Bringing back that mystery thickens the plot and makes it all the more interesting.

We finally see Sam and Tommy’s Mom shift as she comes to apologize to her buys for the dog fights. She seems to truly care about her boys. But then she shifts right back to an uncaring, negligent mother by asking Sam for money right after she her apology. Does this woman even have a heart?

Tara, happy to be free and alive still cannot free herself from the clutches of her not so great of an ex, Franklin. She has started to have visions of him that don’t seem like they will be going away any time soon. Clearly she is not too fond of him and the trauma of her experience with him has taken a toll on her.

Crystal comes barging into Jason’s apartment soak and wet and ask for his truck with a less than vague explanation of what has happened; Although, she has mentioned something about someone not being able to follow her scent.

We finally have a new character introduced! Holly, will be a new waitress at Merlott’s. And is off to a typical Merlott’s experience when Arlene ask Sam not to sleep with her while she is being interviewed!

Meanwhile, Lafayette’s Mom has left from the home and is causing him all sorts of grief. Jesus has returned to calm her down. She thinks that there are werewolves, vampires and witches out get Lafayette. Could there be any truth to this?

We also see a Karate Kid (tacher/trainer) type scene between Bill and Jessica as he trains her to be able to fight against werewolves. Visually it was quite entertaining and the banter between those two is great!

Sookie’s cousin Hadley has come to pay her a visit her with a message from Eric informing her that Russell is coming to get her and to not trust Bill.

Jason Stumbles into Crystals house and finds far more than he bargained for when he spots someone feeding on another human. This person feeding however, doesn’t seem t be a vampire.

Lastly. our episode culminates to a huge battle between werewolves and vampire as the King has come to capture Sookie. And boy does that Sookie Stackhouse pack a punch! Eric has finally began to take vengeance on the King by killing his precious Talbot. He tricks Talbot into making love to him and stakes him in the back. The violent ending of the episode shows Jessica feeding on one of Russell’s werewolf’s until he is near death and a pretty angry sex scene between Bill and Sookie. While the episode as a whole kind of dragged along the ending really made it worth the wait!

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