True Blood Review: “Trouble”

For all you ladies out there. A shirtless wolf!

For all you ladies out there. A shirtless wolf!


It’s fun getting in to trouble!

The residents of Bon Temps certainly know how to get themselves in all sorts of problems, don’t they?

We finally got a bit of resolution with regards to the files that Franklin found in Bill’s house – apparently he is genealogically tracking telepathic abilities within the Stackhouse family (it appears Sookie’s grandfather, Earl Stackhouse, had the gift as well). This lead to Bill telling Sookie to run, albeit too late, and them getting attacked by Cooter and the Vampire King.

When Cooter attacked Sookie, she used her “powers” to repel him in a blinding flash. This turn of events made the Vampire King laugh, seemingly as if he knew something was going to happen when she was attacked.

Now, what are the nature of Sookie’s powers?

Well, according to the books (POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT BEGINS!), Sookie is a fairy which gives her telepathic powers and immunity against mind spells from vampires and maenads. I don’t know if they will use this in the show, but it seems highly likely.

This brings me to a theory about the woman Jason met, Crystal. I think that she might be a fairy too, especially because she mentioned how she and Jason cannot be together and that she feels comfortable in the woods (perhaps she’s a wood nymph?). I think this relationship would be a great way to introduce them to the show. However, if they stick with the books, Crystal could be a were-panther, and that is how Jason is captured and becomes one.

Once again, this is all speculation. But honestly, crazier things have happened on the show. (POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT ENDS!)

I must admit and say that Franklin’s behavior is just plain weird. His obsession with Tara to be his lover and bride is just a tad south of creepy. I’m curious as to why he is that way, and his storyline is much more interesting than that of Tara (or even Sam’s).

Now, Sam is still having problems with his family, and there is something going on there. Frankly, I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop to find out just how evil they are.  It is not surprising at all that something is going to happen with them … I just wish it would happen already.

Also, Lafayette is seeing his mother’s murse (aka male nurse) Jesus, and there was some flirting going on between Jessica and Sam’s brother because Hoyt was on a date. I am waiting for Jessica to become a more focused on character, as there is a lot of potential there.

Lastly, here are my picks for the three best lines in the episode:
3) “You played yourself into a corner, you tiresome cow!” – Bill to Lorena about his unwillingness to play her game
2) “Whatever happens, do not tip your waitress. Do NOT” – Jessica to some customers after Arlene was being a bitch
1) “Please observe the official police vehicle, where I came out … of” – Jason trying his best cop routine on Crystal

I give this episode eight pints of blood out of 10, as it had some good moments, as well as some subtle hints about expanding the shows mythology.

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