As Ash vs. Evil Dead continues to march on, the series continues to satisfy on almost every level.  This week’s episode, ‘The Killer of Killers’ definitely continues this trend, as the episode doled out equal parts comedy and horror throughout its 30 minutes of television. Really, fans of the original Evil Dead, this one was for you. Spoilers follow.

So, after being absent in last week’s ‘The Host’ Ruby finally came back, ready to kick some ass!  Or, at least, it looked like that for a moment before the season’s most questionable character was dragged into hell.  Lucy Lawless is a welcome addition to ANY cast that happens to be lucky enough to snag her. That being said, at this point, the mystery surrounding her character is becoming a bit tiresome.  This episode finally had the most exciting scene involving Ruby, as she decided to fight a Deadite head on but even this small excitement was quickly extinguished as she apparently died (“apparently” being the key word here).  Sure, she will likely turn up later in the season, but at this point, the series could have really erased any mention of the character and would have been better for it.  Only time will tell is this ultra-slow burn will lead to anything positive.


Meanwhile, the Value Stop Gang has decided it’s a good time to grab some diner grub in a place that would make any travelling salesman happy to tip.  Of course, as they tend to do, the group eventually splits up and that’s when the action starts.  First, Bruce Campbell’s Ash has not been quite as perfectly douchey since the first episode.  This episode had viewers remembering exactly why they love Ash and why they hate people like Ash in real life.  Really, his bravado has no bounds and when he sets his sights on a member of the opposite sex, he fires with both barrels every time.  Sure, this technique may work from time to time but, in this case, not so much.  Instead, the shot was completely off target and while it could have ended with a bit of an ass kicking from the diner cook, instead, this off the mark pass wound up leading Ash directly into the hands of Amanda Fisher, who is still utterly convinced that Ash is responsible for her partner’s death.

Pablo and Kelly are dealing with some issues of their own back at the mobile home.  It appears that the necklace given to Pablo by Brujo is a bit more powerful than they realized, and once the Necronomicon comes to life and attacks Pablo, trying to eat the necklace the entire time, things get a bit crazy. Eventually, the duo manage to wrangle the book back into its trunk but when the talk turns to destroying the book once and for all, Kelly has other ideas.  Her thirst for revenge against the creatures that possessed her has overridden her desire to destroy the book, something that Pablo just can’t understand.


While everyone is nice and distracted, Evil Dead fans have been keeping an eye on those sped-up POV shots that indicate evil is on its way.  By the time that Ash notices something has gone awry, it’s already too late.  Soon, the Western Moose diner is full of dead bodies and a couple of particularly nasty Deadites.  Not that the Deadites are any match for Ash, his mechanical hand, his chainsaw, his boomstick, and a rather violent Kelly.  Anyone who viewed the episode would agree that her violent outburst in this case resulted in the best death scene of the season.  With Agent Fisher now seeing exactly what Ash’s place in this whole mess is, she has now decided to join the group as they continue to fight the Deadite threat.

While the series has had one or two episodes not quite worthy of the term “awesome”, ‘The Killer of Killers’ deserves that award and should display it proudly.  Some episodes have stumbled when it comes to the balance between comedy and horror but this episode managed to make each of those aspects dance with each other, resulting in an almost perfect episode. With only four more episodes in its freshman season, Ash vs. Evil Dead continues to delight fans and there is no doubt that the delight will continue right on through to the end. The big question at this point is whether or not the series will completely disregard the events of the 2013 reboot, once the group finally arrives at the cabin.  Luckily, viewers will find out within the next four episodes.

Take a look at next week’s episode, ‘Fire in the Hole’.

What was your favorite death scene this episode?  Are you done with the Ruby storyline or are you anxious for it to all play out?    

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