After a yearlong absence, we got to find out what’s been going on with Bran Stark north of the wall. We even got to hear a few more words from Hodor. Ramsay Bolton continues to piss us off even more than Joffrey. Tyrion went dragon hunting. Someone met the drowned God over at the Iron Isles. Since last week was a “set up episode,” and now that everything is set up for the season, now everything’s going in full motion. Needless to say, this was a very exciting episode of Game of Thrones!!

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the Game of Thrones Season 6 episode “Home.”


Beyond the wall, we are finally reunited with Bran Stark. He hasn’t been a part of the story for an entire season. When we last saw him, he had finally found the Three-Eyed Raven who was going to begin to teach him about his powers. Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven (now played by legendary actor Max von Sydow) are in the cave from, where Bran was shown a series of visions. In the current vision, he sees his own father and uncle as children back at Winterfell. Bran got to finally meet his aunt Lyanna, who he never met and his father rarely spoke of. Lyanna was older than his father and uncle, so she actually is the one trying to school them on sword fighting during their training. There’s even a Hodor cameo. We see him as a giant kid, but also get to see him speak actual words instead of simply “Hodor.” Perhaps through the visions of the past Bran (and the audience) will get to learn more about Hodor and many other things of the past.

Outside of the cave, Meera is bored out of her mind! She and her now dead brother sacrificed to get Bran to the Three-Eyed Raven, but now there’s literally nothing for her to do but to start at the snow while Bran goes off on his visions. The member of the Children of the Forest goes outside to sit with her and let her know that Bran will not always be in the cave, and when he does leave outside he will need Meera’s help.

Jamie Lannister

Don’t insult Cersei Lannister within earshot of The Mountain Zombie!

At Kings Landing Tommen is leading a funeral for his sister Myrcella with his uncle/father Jamie. After Tommen leaves the funeral to speak with his mother, Jamie is alone and meets with the High Sparrow. There is a short standoff between the two, but when Jamie realizes that he is outnumbered by his underlings, he avoids a showdown. Needless to say, there will be a confrontation between the two groups eventually.

ramsay and roose bolton game of thrones season 6

Over at Winterfell, Ramsey and Roose Bolton are trying to track down Sansa Stark. Since she is Ramsey’s wife, if she can get pregnant before Roose’s wife can have her son, then Ramsey will be able to rule as Warden of the North. Unfortunate for Ramsey, the announcement comes that Roose’s son a “trueborn” was born and now is his legitimate heir. Ramsey who is constantly trying to do good for his father (in his own sick twisted way), is genuinely pissed but manages to put on a good front. He goes and congratulates his father for having a son. His father, in turn, tells him that no matter what, he’s his firstborn son. Ramsey is happy to hear that, and as thanks for the compliment proceeds to stab his father in the chest. He ensures that his father’s death will be reported as poison by their enemies. Now all Ramsey has to do is to kill his step-mother and new baby brother. In twisted Ramsey fashion, he does just that and sicks his dogs in the kennel after them to eat them alive.

In the woods, Sansa, Theon, Podrick, and Brienne are on the run from Bolton troops. Brienne informs Sansa with news of her sister from when she ran into her. Theon decides that he needs to leave and go back to the Iron Islands to be with his family. He attempts to atone for the wrongs he has committed against his second family the Starks, and tearfully says goodbye to Sansa.


Speaking of Theon’s home, we go back to The Iron Islands.  It’s been a while since we have seen Theon’s sister Yara and terrible father Balon.  They have an argument about strategies.  She advises that they are sea people and should not be trying to invade the mainland.  Balon states that he is the only one of the five kings who still remains alive.  After he leaves her, Balon meets his brother Euron who basically tells him that his time is up, and throws him off the bridge.  Because there was a freak storm, it’s probably assumed the old man simply fell to his death.  The next day there is a funeral where they send his body out to see to be with The Drowned God.  Yara wants to become the new leader but is informed that the law requires a Kingsmoot to choose their next leader.  Looks like it will be a struggle for power between Yara and her newly discovered uncle.


Arya continues to be a beggar over in Bravos.  She meets up with the Waife again, and again gets beaten down.  This time, she manages to defend herself a few blows, but ultimately gets bested again.  After getting beaten, she is met by the face of Jaqen asking her who she is.  Arya correctly answers “No One” to every single question.  It appears she has passed yet another one of his tests.


All the way east in Meereen, Tyrion meets with Varys, Missandei and Grey Worm as they discuss the many problems of the city.  In addition to the ports being burned, the Slave Masters have retaken Astapor and Yunkai.  Everything Daenerys Targaryen worked to build has been undone in her absence.  To make matters worse, the two dragons that were previously locked off in a cave are not eating anything since Daenerys left.  Tyrion knows the importance and reverence of dragons and states they should not be in captivity.  He then goes into the save and unlocks them and doesn’t get burned or eaten.  After Tyrion leaves the cave he tells Varys to punch him in the face if he ever does something crazy like that again.


Dolorous Ed

Over at Castle Black, the standoff with Team Snow and Team Thorne continues. Everyone locked in the room around Jon Snow’s body is surrounded and ordered to come outside to avoid any bloodshed. However, everyone in the room is ready to die and have the swords drawn. Ghost is ready to pounce in attack as well in defense of Snow.

As Thorne’s soldiers stark breaking the door down, someone else starts breaking the gate down. The gate breaks due to the giant knocking it down, and in comes the Wildlings with Dolorous Edd ready to fight in Jon Snow’s honor. Now the mutinous Nights Watch members are surrounded. Those that actually attempt to fight the Wildlings are quickly dealt with. The giant Wun Wun is not one to mess with, as he easily dispatches with one as they shoot him with an arrow. Soon enough Thorne’s rebellion is put down and now the castle is under control of Team Snow/Wildlings.

Afterwards, Tormund goes to Jon’s body to pay his respects. Of course, the Wildling way is to burn the body, so they avoid becoming Wights for the White Walkers. This gives Davos the idea to call on Melisandre the Red Woman. She is currently going through a period of depression as she realizes her visions are not coming true and she may, in fact, be a fraud. After a much-needed pep talk from Davos, she attempts a ritual to help bring Jon Snow back to life. After cleaning his body, cutting and burning his body she chants the words to try and bring him back. Unfortunately, the magic didn’t work. As everyone in the room leaves, Jon’s body is left with his direwolf Ghost, who then perks up, and we see a Jon Snow wake a gasp for air!!

Yay Jon Snow is Back!!

Now we kind of knew that was going to happen, but it the way they did it was good. Glad they did not drag out the “is Jon Snow dead” storyline for too long. This episode needed to end with his resurrection or the burning of his body. Now that he’s back to life, has he fulfilled his commitment to the Nights Watch? Can he go back to Winterfell with a crew of Wildlings and kills the Boltons already?
Speaking of the Boltons, Ramsey is in much need of a Joffrey-styled death scene. Unlike Joffrey, he needs to suffer and be in agony as well. Killing your father is one, thing, but killing his wife and newborn son by dogs is a ruthless thing to do!

At this point, Arya is Matt Murdock, and the Waif/Jaqen is Stick, all the way down to the dehumanizing training and beating of a blind student.

Tyrion can smooth talk anyone/anything in Westeros! He was able to talk himself out of getting burnt and eaten alive by dragons. At this point, he is probably one of the most valuable people in all of Westeros. Whoever he teams with by the end will become the rule of the Kingdom.

Next week looks to explore more with Arya and she gains even more skills. Jon Snow will get up and walk. Will he be the same? Will he possibly be evil? Melisandre did say that the ceremony shouldn’t be done. Perhaps there are reasons for not bringing people back from the dead. Daenerys looks like she’ll also be back, and we’ll get to see the great Dothraki city of Vaes Dothrak. Take a look at next week.

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