This week’s Game of Thrones episode “The Door” continues the streak of captivating episodes this season. We got to meet a new Red Lady, who seems to know more than Melisandre. Civil war is brewing for in the North, and they are definitely developing in the Iron Islands. Arya got a taste of her life as a comedy play. Danny had to say goodbye to one of her closest advisers, and we all tearfully said goodbye to someone near and dear to us all

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the “Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode “The Door.”


In the North on the wall, everyone is making preparations for going to war with the Boltons. Sansa runs into Littlefinger where she first chastises him for basically selling her off to Ramsey to get raped and humiliated. Although Littlefinger is the chess master most times, it seems like for the first time on the show he has regret for his decisions. In addition, Sansa is very much a changed woman after surviving the ordeal with Ramsey. She’s stronger and at times seems a bit like Daenerys Targaryen in regards to her newfound confidence. She lets Littlefinger have it and even relishes in his temporary sorrow. Before he willingly leaves, Littlefinger gives her with a little parting gift, there are still some Stark loyalists over in Riverrun who would be able to join her and John Snow for when they decide to attack the Boltons at Winterfell.

Meanwhile, John Snow is beginning to plan the eventual attack to reclaim Winterfell. As they lay out their map with all the chess pieces for the different families and their alliances, John comes up with the idea to recruit smaller houses that will eventually have the same amount of numbers at the Boltons. Sansa tells her brother about the potential allies Littlefinger told her off, but she doesn’t say that Littlefinger is the one who told her it. She sends Brianne on a mission to Riverrun to recruit the Tully’s as neither she nor John Snow can go. Speaking of which, Tormund continues to flirt with Brianne, who is having none of it! John, Sansa, Tormund, Davos and Melisandre depart to begin recruit smaller Northern houses to their cause.


Over at the Iron Islands, the Kingsmoot we had been waiting for has finally commenced. Yara claims the throne. At first, she is talked down due to the fact that she is a woman, but she’s no punk. She articulates that she is a badass and would be the one best served as their leader. She is interrupted by an objector that says it should be Theon. For half a moment, you start to think that Theon is going to sell his sister short and try and claim the throne, but since this is his path to redemption he continues his support for his sister. He makes an impassioned speech also confirming that she should be the one to lead them.

Of course, we all forgot about their murderous uncle now wanting to claim the throne. He insults both Yara and Theon and then comes with the solution that would sway everyone over. He promises them that he will sway Daenerys Targaryen to his side with his fleet and with her Dothraki army, her Unsullied army, and her dragons, he will eventually be on the Iron Throne and take everyone to glory with him. It doesn’t take long before he is declared king and gone through the weirdest ritual (how many elected Kings didn’t pass the test and drowned?). During that ceremony, Yara, Theon and all those loyal to them escape with their fleet. It looks like we will have a civil war in the Iron Islands as well.

Faceless Chamber

In Bravos, Arya endures yet another beat-you-down-to-build-you-up training session with the Waif. After getting once again thumped, Arya has yet another chat with Jaqen where she learns the origin story for the Faceless Men of Bravos. Their story is very interesting and will be even more interesting if Arya ever officially joins them and gets to see how the sauce is made.

Jaqen assigns Arya another assassination attempt. This one hits very close to home. Arya attends a comedy play that is basically a reenactment of her father Ned Starks killing at the order of Joffrey. As the crowd is laughing, it’s very painful to see her reaction because she was actually there and it was anything but funny. Her being given this assignment was probably Jaqen’s way to testing her to see if she was still Arya or if she was, in fact, No One. Given how shaken up she was by it, it’s clear that she will probably not be joining them.

New Red Woman

In Meereen, we continue the Tyrion and Varys show. Probably the most two dynamic characters on the show are continuing to hold down the city and quell the insurrection of the Sons of the Harpy. As he Varys, Missandei, and Grey Worm as discussion security Tyrion comes up with the idea of having a spokesperson to reassure the people of Meereen that everything will be OK. Tyrion and Varys meet with the East Coast Red Priestess Kinvara.

Through their interactions with Kinvara, we learn a little more about their religion. Kinvara sees Daenerys as the chosen one. This is interesting in contrast to the Northern Red Priestess Melisandre seeing John Snow as the chose one. Once again, it’s all about ice and Fire. Varys is a little bit more skeptical than Tyrion. Kinvara shows her hand by providing Varys with a whole lot of intimate knowledge of his abuse and castration, something that Varys has kept very close. Will she make a believer out of even him?


Over in the east Daenerys Targaryen is heading back presumably to Meereen, but she now has a full Dothraki horde with her. Right in the front of the swarm with her are her two main guys, Jorah, and Daario. She finally confronts the twice banished Jorah and comes to peace with him for saving her life more than once and remaining her most loyal subject no matter how many times she pushes him away.

However, Jorah then tells her that he does, in fact, have to part with her for good. We all know he’s has the grayscale disease which will eventually consume him and he’s ready to leave her for good and eventually kill himself. This time, it’s Daenerys who cannot part with him. She reminds him in a very touching way that he told her he would dedicate his life to her. Even though she lets him go, she commands him to find a cure so he can come back to her. He declares his love to her, much to Daario’s disappointment as they part paths, hopefully, they will return and join once again.

Up North, Bran is still training with the Three-Eyed Raven as he is traveling to and experiencing the past. During these moments, we see two origin stories.

The first origin story is for the show’s true bad guys, the White Walkers. Turns out they were once men but were created by the Children of the Forest as a means to stop human beings. Turns out humans were slaughtering them way back when. In order to defend themselves, they created the White Walkers as an army of defense. Everything that is going wrong north of the wall is a result of humans killing the Children of the Forest.

As Bran learns about that, he now wants to learn even more. When the Three-Eyed Raven is unaware (or perhaps he really is and let him), Bran touches the roots of the tree and once again goes somewhere else. This time, he sees the army of the undead. Although they do not bother him, he finally sees the generals of that army, the White Walkers. The Night’s King notices him and actually touches him. This starts a chain reaction, because before he was untouchable in the tree with the Three-Eyed Raven. Now after the Night’s King touches him, he’s “Marked” and now the undead can enter the tree and try and kill him. Soon enough they have an entire army of the undead at his front door. The Children of the Forest try their best to stop the undead from entering, but they cannot stop the onslaught.

This attack by the White Walkers and their undead army is happening while Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven are having yet another vision (Bran needed to wake up during this attack.). After most of the Children of the Forest sacrifice themselves, and even his direwolf Summer dies. Hodor snaps into action and tries to get Bran and Meera to escape. Here is where we learn Hodor’s origin story. While they are trying to escape Hodor is holding the door so that the undead cannot get to them. Meera continues to scream “Hold the Door” at Hodor, and since Bran is in his trance in the past where he sees a young Hodor, who continuously hears the phrase until his mind snaps. All the young Hodor can now say is “Hold The Door” which eventually becomes “Hodor.” Hodor, loyal to the end continues to hold the door like he’s known his whole life this is what he was supposed to do, and sacrifices himself so that Bran and Meera can escape.

OK, now that the Internet is done crying… that was an exceptional ending! That was a great way to bring everything full circle. Bran was responsible for making Hodor the way he is, but without it, he wouldn’t have been able to be saved.

Next week looks like we will see the aftermath of Hodor’s sacrifice. We also didn’t see anything of King’s Landing. Next week looks like we will finally see if Queen Margaery will carry out her walk of shame or if the High Sparrow will get his comeuppance.

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