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This week’s Game of Thrones episode “Blood of My Blood” dropped a few bombs for everyone. The showdown between the Tyrell/Lannisters and the High Sparrow didn’t go as planned. Arya finally made a choice if she was going to be No One. We got reunited with someone from a long time ago! And of course, Danny got to deliver yet another badass speech.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the “Game of Thrones” Season 6 episode “The Door.”

Walder Frey

Walder Frey returns.  You know, that evil guy who orchestrated the ‘Red Wedding’ and who’s competing with Joffrey and Ramsey for “most hated character in Game of Thrones” award.  Turns out while he has been missing in action, he has been trying to stop a rebellion in his own territory.  He is screaming at his sons for losing Riverrun to the Blackfish as well as the other houses in the Riverlands.  There is even mention of the Brotherhood Without Banners joining the rebellion.  Even though the War of the Kings has ended, there is still plenty of fighting still going on in its wake.  Since he’s still Team Lannister, he’ll get some help soon enough.

High Sparrow

In Kings Landing, the showdown between the recently aligned Lannisters and Tyrell against High Sparrow for the return of Queen Margaery. This episode she was due to get her Walk of Atonement and be paraded throughout the city. This is something the Tyrell would not let stand. Both houses lead their armies towards the ceremony. Just as it looks like we will have a fight in which we see the Lannister and Tyrel armies slaughter the High Sparrow’s group, the High Sparrow throws a major curveball.

He was able to get Margaery to switch sides, and as a result, King Tommen as well. This excellent game of chess that The High Sparrow has been playing has effectively paid off, as Jamie and his army were forced to blink first. In the aftermath, Tommen is now completely the High Sparrow’s puppet. Jamie is no longer the head of the Kings Guard and orders him to go help the Freys take back Rivverrun. The completely pissed Jamie was considering defying his son/King and going to kill the High Sparrow by any means, but Cersei tells him to stay the course. Jamie fears his sister will lose his trial, but she has a certain undead Mountain on her side. Ultimately, the two of them will find a way to come out on top.


We finally get some quality time with Sam and Gilly. Finally done with their sail across the sea, they have reached Sam’s home of Horn Hill. Even though it was vaguely hinted at, Sam comes from money! He and Gilly come to his family’s home where Gilly is getting yet another taste of how “kind” everyone is south of The Wall. Sam is nervous because he knows his father doesn’t respect (or even love) him. To avoid Gilly being seen as a Wildling, tells Gilly that she’s a woman he met up North and that baby Sam is his child, not Craster’s.

Sam’s mother is happy to see him and even happier to meet her “grandson.” They doll up Gilly with makeup, a dress, and getting her hair done and then it’s off to the most uncomfortable dinner ever. Immediately Sam’s father Randyll berates his son. Gilly is not having anyone mistreat her man! She defends his honor by telling the tale of when he killed a White Walker, which is laughed off. Why doesn’t anyone think they’re real? They’ll find out soon enough. Gilly basically slips up the fact that she is a Wildling, which turns the already terrible dinner party worse. Sam is somewhat a beaten man by his father and doesn’t really stand up for himself at all. He does grow a pair towards the end of the scene as he then has Gilly, little Sam, and himself leave his father’s home, and he manages to steal the family sword.


In Bravvos, Arya finally makes a choice. As she continues her training to join the Faceless Men, she has her assassination mission to take care of. For the second time, she attends the ‘Game of Thrones’ play. This time, they are going through the history of Joffrey’s death. It does give Arya a bit of a smile watching the reenactment of the death of one of the people on her list. Through watching the plan, she realizes that one of the undercard performers is the one who wants to kill the lead actress and hired the Faceless Men to carry out the murder. Even as Arya is carrying out her mission of poisoning the poor woman, she has second thoughts.

After having a conversation with the stress she is to murder, Arya goes against her plan and stops the actress from drinking the poison. Unfortunate for Arya, the Waif was also there and observed Arya’s failure. As the Waif reports back to Jaqen that Arya didn’t go through. This was Arya’s last chance and Jaqen orders the Waif to kill her. Arya goes and retrieves her sword “Needle,” and in doing so reclaims her identity. No longer is she No One, she’s Arya Stark! She goes into hiding.

Dany and Boyfriend

In Dothraki Land, Daenerys is leading the Dothraki across the desert. It’s assumed she’s heading back to Meereen, but she’s asking Daario about how many ships she’ll need to cross the sea to head back to King’s Landing. It’ll take at least 1,000 ships, which she’ll need from a certain Iron Borne group possibly.

Daenerys hears a noise and tells her group that she’ll go ahead and investigate. As we all know, she found her long-lost dragon, now bigger than ever. As she rides back to them, she gives the best halftime speech to her Dothraki army, and now she’s sure going to conquer Westeros!

Cold Hands

In the way north, Bran and Meera are still on the run from the wights after Hodor’s heroic sacrifice. (Let’s continue our week-long mourning for Hodor). Bran is still going through his greenseeing trance. This time, we get to see a barrage of images pretty much summarizing many pivotal scenes from throughout the series. Meera is not as big as Hodor, so dragging Bran is much tougher for her. Soon enough they are cornered and about to be killed by the legions of the undead.

As they are cornered, a savior comes out the blue and quickly dispatches the weights with a chain of flame. Fans of the book immediacy screamed out “Coldhands!” Through the new hero was covered head to toe, after the rescue the savior reveals himself to the two.

Cold Hands2

It’s Uncle Benjen!  We haven’t seen him since season one when Ned Stark’s brother took some of his fellow Night’s Watch members north of the wall in search of the White Walkers.  Turns out he did find some and unfortunately most of his group died.  Prior to Benjen getting killed, he was saved by some of the Children of the Forest and they brought him back to life using the same dragon glass they used to create the White Walkers.  It’s clear he’s not alive, but he’s definitely not a wight.  This confirms fan theory that he was, in fact, Coldhands.  Benjen told Bran that the Three-Eyed Raven told him they would need his help and he is now going to take the new Three Eyed Raved (Bran) to the wall before the Night’s King can find them.

This season has been phenomenal!  Not one bad episode so far!  Even though we ae still dealing with the world of Man and Man’s petty grievances, the supernatural is continuing to grow.  With Bran’s powers increasing, so does the fear of the White Walkers.  Next week seems to ramp up the war over the Riverruns, so expect a big battle soon enough.  Plus, it’s been a while since we’ve seen what’s going on in Dorne.

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