Last week marked the beginning of the end of Game of Thrones as all the pieces are moving into place. Cersei is shoring up alliances as she knows Daenerys will be coming for the throne. That means partnering with Euron Greyjoy and his massive fleet. After trying his best to insult Jamie, Euron promises a gift for the queen worthy of marriage. Arya is continuing her quest for vengeance, having taken out all the Freys. Jon finds out that his own sister might be a thorn in his side as King of the North. Sam learns the hard end of trying to become a master in The Citadel, cleaning up a lot of crap and the others not hearing him out on things. Of course, Daenerys finally lands at her ancestral home. Once again, the throne is up for grabs to whoever plays this game the best! So how did this week go?

The episode begins at Dragonstone, Daenerys’ base of operations. She has her own small council consisting of Tyrion, the Greyjoy siblings, the women of Dorne, and Olenna Tyrell as they begin their plans for Daenerys conquer of Kings Landing. The Mother of Dragons’ attention turns to Varys. The correctly points out that he has been close to a lot of kings, and also betrayed them as well. This, of course, doesn’t sit well with her. He betrayed her father the Mad King as well as Robert Baratheon. Varys however, is not intimidated by her. Sure, she has a few armies (4 at least) as well as a few dragons, but he stands up for himself and tells her that everything he has done has been for the people of Westeros. He believes that she will be a good queen and that’s why he sided with her. She accepts this and allows him to live, under the promise that if he sees she’s going astray he will counsel her instead of trying to betray her.

Tyrion and Daenerys have a plan for defeating Cersei. While Daenerys has her own armies consisting of the Unsullied and the Dothraki, if she invades Kings Landing with a foreign army, the people will never accept her as their queen. The plan is to have Dorne, the Greyjoys, and the Tully’s come to Kings Landing but not do a strike. If they surround the city with their armies they will cut off supplies and resources and literally starve the city, forcing Cersei to surrender. This doesn’t sit well with the Tyrells and Dornce as it’s their armies that would be in danger. Tyrion then eases their minds by saying that the Unsullied and the Dothraki will march to Casterly Rock (the Lannister stronghold) and take that by force. This would probably lead to the death of his family. However, at this point, does Tyrion even care about his family? It sounds like a solid plan (more on that later).

Just then, as if on cue, Melisandre arrives at Dragonstone where she meets up with Daenerys. She was last seen heading south after Jon Snow banished her from the North, boy does she travel fast. She tells Daenerys about the prophecy of the long night and the “prince who is promised.” However, Danny’s trusted translator Missandei reveals that the true translation has no gender, and it could be the “princess” who is promised. It’s either Jon or Danny who will end up saving the world. After speaking with Tyrion, who vouches for Jon Snow, Danny wants to meet him.

Grey Worm is preparing to leave for Casterly Rock when he and Missandei see each other. He reveals to her his deep feelings for her as before he met her, he was without fear. The two embrace in a passionate kiss. One thing leads to another and before long, she is naked before him. Grey Worm being one of the Unsullied, doesn’t have all his working parts. Nevertheless, he takes his clothes off to show her his full naked self. Even without his working parts, he finds a work around to please her. We don’t have to spell it out. Rest assured, she was still satisfied.

In the North, Jon is having another town hall meeting with the various northern leaders. Jon has received Tyrion’s letter (rather fast) where he is summoned to Dragonstone to speak with her (and bend a knee). While Jon wants to do this, many think this is not the wisest decision. Jon seems determined to follow in the footsteps of Ned and Rob and face possible death by seeking diplomacy. Once again, Sansa calls him out for making a poor decision. Jon also reveals that he received a letter from Sam which says Dragonstone has an endless supply of dragonglass, which is needed. Jon sees the writing on the wall and knows that in order to defeat the White Walkers, they have to strike an alliance with Daenerys. Sana tells him that he’s abandoning Winterfell and someone is needed to lead the North. He tells her what she really wanted anyway, she’s in charge of the North. This probably will be seen as a bad decision sometime in the future as Littlefinger (why is he still there?) just simply smiles at the temporary change in leadership.

Later on, Jon is walking through the tombs in Winterfell where he sees a status of Ned. Somehow Littlefinger made his way down there as well. Jon knows he poison, so he doesn’t even want to have a word with him. However, when Petyr reveals his feelings for Sansa, Jon begins to choke him and warns him not to speak to her. As if he’ll listen.

In the Citadel, Jorah is not getting any better. His greyscale is continuing to grow. It won’t be long before he will get sent away to the deserted island where contracted the disease from. The maester gives him 24 hours before they do so, and leave him his sword. Suicide is probably the best course of action. Of course, with Sam there, there’s always an alternative. The always eager to help Sam first tried to explain that Stannis’s daughter was spared, but it is turned down by the maesters. Sam’s next course of action is downright disgusting as he sneaks into Jorah’s cell where he performs probably the worst surgery imaginable. Kudos to the makeup artists for showing us the puss filled skin as he is cutting into Jorah and scraping off the greyscale skin.

And kudos to the editors who then show the next possible scene of Arya taking her spoon into some pie that pretty much had the same texture as Jorah’s skin. There she has reunited with her long lost friend Hot Pie where she is enjoying a pie. Hot Pie then proceeds to give her an info update as to the goings on in Winterfell. She still thought that Ramsey was in charge, not her brother who won the Battle of the Bastards. She now has a dilemma. Does she continue south to Kings Landing to kill Cersei? Or does she finally reunite with her brother and sister? Of course, she heads north, and of course, Jon has just left. When will the Starks all reunite? As she is out in the wilderness, her horse is startled. At first, it makes you think that the White Walkers have gotten further south than they should have, but now it’s not them, it’s a pack of wolves. Leading the pack is her very own direwolf Nymeria, who she had to abandon way back in season one. Although the animal recognizes her, he doesn’t go with her and remains with his pack, to Arya’s heartbreak.

Meanwhile, Cersei is trying also to cultivate alliances. She knows Danny’s army will be strong and could defeat her, so she proceeds to use “Alternative Facts” about her and her intentions. Suing the narrative of the Mad King as well as her Unsullied and Dothraki armies, she warns other lords that Daenerys will use her dragons to burn everyone alive. Not everyone is swayed, but Cersei has other plans. Deep in the basement where the previous dragon skulls were (another season one gem), Qyburn shows her a massive crossbow that is capable of killing a dragon. As Qyburn said, if it can be hurt, it can be killed.

At sea, the San Snakes are tagging along with the Greyjoys. All seems fine as well, Ellaria and Yara are even about to get it on. Then they are attacked. But who from the Lannister army could attack them at sea? None from the Lannister army of course, but Euron most certainly could. As he leads a raiding party, many of the Greyjoy’s army is slaughtered. Even though Euron takes multiple knife attacks from the Sand Snakes, he ends up killing two of them. He takes Ellaria and her other daughter prisoner. As Yara tries to fight him, she ends up on the losing side. As he has an axe to her neck, Euron taunts Theon to fight him. Theon then goes full Reek as his PTSD kicks in. Rather than face Euron, Theon jumps overboard, to Yara’s disappointment.

Danny was due for a loss. For most of her story arc on Game of Thrones, she has not suffered a major defeat. That’s part of why we love her as she is literally becoming a legend before our eyes. In order for her to have some sort of hero’s arc, she needs some sort of loss, and in tonight’s episode, she finally suffered her first major defeat. For all the planning Tyrion did, he did not factor in Euron as a variable. It’s Cersei versus Danny and the series is now 1-0. She will have to strike hard at Casterly Rock, or her rebellion will be over before it has even begun.

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