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Last week on Hannibal, the hunt for The Tooth Fairy became more intense. After devouring the original Red Dragon artwork, Dolarhyde is almost caught by Will Graham. They manage to look each other in the eye before Will’s prey escapes, however, so we can expect more to unfold very soon. In the meanwhile, Hannibal was keeping contact with the Dragon and coaching him with his newfound serial killer instincts. And the relationship between Dolarhyde and Reba deepened, he seeing her as his Woman Clothed in Sun. Things promise to heat up this episode, but in what ways? Read on for a recap and review of ‘…And the Beast from the Sea’.

We begin with Will, back at FBI HQ and relating the story of meeting Dolarhyde at the museum. Though they now know what he looks like and have some positive fingerprint matches, they’re still at a loss as to his true identity. From the act of eating the Red Dragon painting, Alana Bloom deduces that The Tooth Fairy may be trying to get better. Jack Crawford, naturally, has a notion that his behavior may be self-destructive and that pushing their prey to kill himself might be the best option.

dolarhyde and reba

Will, figuring out that Hannibal has a role in everything that’s going on, goes to visit him. He discovers that his meeting with Dolarhyde at the museum was no coincidence, as Hannibal sent them both there at the same time. The good doctor even gives Will a little clue as to who The Great Red Dragon’s next victims may be, though Will doesn’t pick up on it fast enough to stop the next hunt.

Hannibal and Dolarhyde have another mental therapy session. This time Dolarhyde is confused about his feelings for Reba. The dragon inside wants to kill her, but he loves Reba. Hannibal suggests giving The Dragon something else to eat and Will’s family seems like the best choice of meals. So off The Great Red Dragon goes, to hunt his next victims. Molly is, however, a bit smarter than most of his victims. She knows that unwelcome sounds in the house may mean danger. She dodges Dolarhyde and manages to escape with her son, though not without a few scars.

hannibal and dolarhyde

Poor Dolarhyde, having failed the call of The Dragon, suffers the consequences. His alternate personality literally beats the crap out of him. Fearing a complete loss of control, he heads off to see Reba. Struggling between his love for her and the call of the Dragon inside, Dolarhyde decides to break it off with her. She was, perhaps, the only thing that could have saved him, but he’s not seeking redemption. All he wants is to make sure Reba is safe.

After the attack on Will’s family, Alana and Jack deduce that Hannibal has been speaking with The Tooth Fairy in secret. They ask him to help them find and cage The Dragon the next time he calls for council. Hannibal agrees, but doesn’t quite keep up his end off the bargain. When Dolarhyde contacts him seeking advice about Reba, Hannibal (after offering some helpful tips, of course) tells his telephone friend that the FBI are coming for him. And so The Great Red Dragon remains free to kill some more.

tracking dolarhyde

Alana is not pleased and delivers on her promise to make Hannibal’s life a bit less… convenient. The doctor is finally placed in the famous mask and all the luxuries he once possessed are removed. Hannibal is now nothing more than an animal in a cage. At least as far as Alana is concerned.

And in the final scene, Will, after visiting Molly in the hospital, goes to confront Hannibal. Doctor Lecter is all-too-willing to volunteer the truth of the matter – that he sent Dolarhyde to kill Will’s family. He also gives Will some more insight into The Dragon. Dolarhyde is of two minds, one a man and the other a demonic creature. He’s struggling between the personality that allows him to be human and the one that gives him power – much the same as Will Graham is.

hannibal masked

Once again, this week really delved into the mind of Francis Dolarhyde, AKA The Great Red Dragon. He seems to be the primary focus for the second half of season 3 and the writers are going a great job of bringing out the man behind the killer. The moments between Dolarhyde and Reba have been surprisingly touching. We see the picture of a man who is lost and helpless and the love that could possibly save him. But the terror of his “condition” drives that saving grace away, leaving him to fall deeper into the madness of The Dragon.

Accompanied by some great visuals of Dolarhyde transforming into his Dragon persona, Hannibal once again proves that it can make you feel actual human emotions for even the most seemingly loathsome of characters. Most of us have felt the pain of being helpless and of being afraid of someone else knowing who we truly are. Here, Hannibal recreates that common human interaction with an amplification that makes every nuance easily discernible, thus allowing us to see our own reflection within the mind of psychopath such as Francis Dolarhyde.

Just two more episodes left, next week being ‘The Number of the Beast is 666…’. Unfortunately, NBC once again fails miserably with regards to giving us a damned trailer to watch (or YouTube has failed to provide it), so you’ll have to make due with this video of a slide show of promo photos set to some rather annoying music.

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