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Here it is, folks. The final episode of Hannibal is here. ‘The Wrath of the Lamb’ shall wrap up the last three seasons of our favorite show and possibly be the last time we shall ever see Mads Mikkelsen playing the iconic role of Hannibal Lecter. Last week we saw The Great Red Dragon get more intense (under Hannibal’s handy guidance, of course) and Will Graham was gearing up for a final confrontation. This week has as lot of ground to cover, though Hannibal has rarely disappointed in the past. So where will all of the characters we’ve grown to know and love (and hate) end up when the curtain closes? Scroll on to find out.

We begin with a fateful return to The Dragon and Reba. He went crazy on her last week and now it’s his time to make a proper decision. After first testing her loyalty, Dolarhyde gets a bit extreme. Intent on not letting The Dragon have her, he decides to take her out of this world “himself”. He lights his house on fire and then, not wanting to watch her burn to death, puts a shotgun to his head and pulls the trigger. So ends The Great Red Dragon.


Or so we think for a minute. As it turns out, Reba escapes to tell the tale. And the tale she’s telling is one of a dead Dragon. Will even goes to Hannibal and reveals the events of The Dragon’s death. Hannibal is somewhat upset, wishing instead that Will could have been the one to take down The Dragon. He’s still inside Will’s head and wants only the best for his protégé. The best being that Will realize the killer inside and embrace it.

But, as we find out in a bit, Dolarhyde is a clever man. He’s faked his death and was using Reba as a witness of sorts. What’s more, he finds an unsuspecting Will and catches him cold. It appears that they both have something in common – betrayal by a certain Hannibal Lecter. Now Dolarhyde wants to meet Lecter. And his intentions aren’t to have a nice little chat. He wants Lecter dead. Enough to let Will go so that he can try to convince the FBI to use Hannibal as bait to get The Great Red Dragon to show his face.

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Naturally, not everyone is on board with this particular tactic. Bedelia sees the entire affair as ending badly. Will likely thinks the same thing, but his mind is somewhere else. He, along with Jack Crawford, is thinking that putting Hannibal and Dolarhyde in the same place at the same time means that both of these killers can be dealt with together. In a very final fashion.

Unfortunately for both of them, the transport of Hannibal Lecter goes poorly. Dolarhyde shows up to shoot the escorts and thus are Hannibal and Will set free together. Theirs shall be a short-lived honeymoon, however, as Dolarhyde is hunting them. And, eventually, he finds them.

The final fight is vicious and beautiful. Hannibal and Will fight to take down The Dragon. They fight together, like a pair of wolves trying to conquer a bigger prey. Finally, The Dragon lies dead. And after the victory, Will takes both victors off the edge of a cliff. Hannibal’s design for Will was completed, followed shortly by Will’s design.

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Unfortunately, we will never know how this story plays out. Hannibal is over and there is no sign of another network picking the show up. So we shall, presumably, be forever in the dark as to what Hannibal’s next move was. Or what happened to Will in the aftermath of their supposed death. We get a glimpse of things during the credits – a scene that leaves Bedelia in dire straits – but the rest of the story shall remain untold. For now?

This grand finale was brilliant in so many ways. First of all, the show teased us with the illusion that The Dragon was destroyed by his own hand. That left us to wonder if Hannibal was going in some other direction for the season finale. When he turned out to be alive, it wasn’t a huge surprise, but it did force us to shift gears again.

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But the real high point was the final battle with The Dragon. Will and Hannibal working together to destroy their enemy was the epitome of everything that Hannibal has been preaching for three seasons. He and Will are killers, meant to be taking down their own kind, though Will’s need for justice and morality means that he can only be satisfied if the prey is a creature worthy of death. Thus, the two designs are brought together. The Dragon falls at the hands of two friends (lovers?), working within each other’s minds to create perfect motivation.

And so ends the amazing series known as Hannibal. Will it continue in the future? Nobody quite knows. All the folks involved have no shortage of job prospects, so this may end up falling by the wayside before someone decides to pick it up. Still, we shall forever be gifted with this amazing season finale, even if we never find out what happen to the characters we know and love (and hate…).

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