So last week’s return of Supernatural was filled with surprises. First Sam took a walk down memory lane with Lucifer in hopes that he could convince Sam to allow possession. Dean spent a good deal of time on the side of the road, dealing with Smiting poisoning, yes that is apparently a thing, and then helping Crowley wrangle Rowena, literally. Once Crowley and Dean had Rowena in a witch collar, she was pretty much under their control. Fans thought that she completed the spell that would cast Lucifer back into his cage, saving Sam, Dean and Castiel from a cage match of epic proportions. Fans, however, found out that Castiel had actually allowed Lucifer to possess him in hopes of destroying the Darkness. Then they witnessed Lucifer kill Rowena and have Crowley cowering at his feet.

If you haven’t yet watched tonight’s episode, STOP reading now, unless you want to destroy any possible mystery to the night’s hunt. However, if you have watched the episode, by all means continue to read and discuss. LAST CHANCE, SPOILERS AHEAD!


Tonight’s episode starts out with a flash back to Ireland, 30 years ago. Fans witness the death of a mother and father at the hands of the supernatural creepy crawler that the boys will later hunt. Before the intro break, fans see a small baby girl crying in her crib, a six month old baby girl.

Flash forward to present. Sam is still dealing with all the psychological BS that Lucifer put him through in last week’s episode. He is struggling to sleep and decides to clean his gun. Enter Dean who shows concern for his baby brother like only he can. The boys decided it is time to leave the bunker and take a job at a local retirement home.

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The job is about a man who was killed in his locked suite at the retirement home. His head was beat against the wall and the room was extremely bloody. All the doors were locked and windows closed but the man was found dead. Of course this is definitely a job for the hunters.

Enter Sam and Dean. While investigating the death of the old man, Dean speaks with Arthur, the retirement home manager. Dean finds out more about the Arthur’s life than he really wants to, learning that his wife left him by a series of text messages using mostly emojis. Arthur is however helpful and provided the guys with files on all those who have died in the retirement home.

While the guys learn that there are several people who wanted to hurt the old man, he was stealing their Viagra after all, there was only one person who had passed away in the home and had it out for the Viagra stealing grandpa. They, of course, burn the deceased’s bones in hopes of destroying a vengeful spirit and solving the case. However, it is never that easy.

That night, Arthur, the love sick manager is speaking with Mildred, one of the retirees. While in the conversation, Arthur starts hearing high pitched screaming. Mildred does not hear anything but Arthur is getting worse and starts pounding his head off a window in the lobby. He ultimately busted the window out and falls to his death on the pavement below. When Mildred races to the window, she sees a woman with flowing hair in blood red robes, feasting on Arthur’s frontal lobe. Yummy.


The guys return to the retirement home and speak with both Mildred, who takes an instant liking to Dean, and a custodian named Marlene. Marlene, unfortunately, doesn’t have much input as she wasn’t working during the murder, but there is something mysterious about her. Mildred on the other hand gives the guys information about the robed, flowing hair woman after telling them that she saw a ghost ten years past. After doing some research, Sam returns to tell Mildred that they have discover it is a Banshee and that this particular banshee feasts on the vulnerable. He also explains that they looked through all the medical records and she is the most vulnerable in the retirement community due to a heart condition. After promising, at her insistence that Dean would be returning before dark, Sam asks about Marlene. Mildred informs him that the only Marlene on staff is on vacation. She also tells him that if there is a deaf employee, she would like to meet that person to practice sign language with her. Of course, Sam has to investigate to find out who Marlene really is.

After following her into a laundry room and being mistaken for the critter himself, Sam explains who he and Dean are and asks about her past. She is actually a hunter named Aileen and she has been hunting the banshee since she was sixteen.

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Meanwhile, Dean has returned to the bunker to acquire the gold blades to kill the banshee. When he walks it, he hears noises leading him to believe an unwanted visitor is ransacking the bunker. He doesn’t realize how right he is, even when he finds Castiel. Cas/Lucifer claims to be looking for lore on the Darkness and how to defeat her. Dean and Cas/ Lucifer have a heart to heart about Dean’s weird connection/ attraction to Amara. It is unclear whether Lucifer knows about the Mark of Cain at this point.

From there, fans see Dean return to the retirement home where he has a chat with Mildred about following his heart while watching the sun set. Everyone is geared up and waiting for the banshee to attack Mildred, but it goes for Dean instead. After a fight scene, Mildred and Aileen save Dean from making his own brains scrambled eggs for the banshee’s breakfast and the boys head back to the bunker after saying their goodbyes.

Once at the bunker, Sam and Dean discuss Cas’s appearance and disappearance at the bunker. Sam goes on to tell Dean that he has been dealing with his past failures, thanks to Lucifer’s walk down memory lane. Sam poses the question to Dean about why the banshee chose to go after him when they feed on the vulnerable. Dean feeds him a line of BS about the banshee seeing his gold blade and changing its prey. Sam leaves it at that and the episode ends with Dean unable to sleep.


While die-hard fans of the show will find much to love about this episode, such as Dean pocketing a bottle of what is assumed to be Viagra, and of course Dean’s cheesy jokes about stealing a man’s Viagra being a dick move, other fans will argue that this wasn’t one of the best episodes. It could even be said that this was a filler episode to get a bit of character building out of the way before the downward spiral to the season finale.

The episode let fans witness Sam showing his vulnerability as well as his discontent with the job. He even went as far as to say that if it weren’t for Dean, he wouldn’t hunt. He talked about his Stanford days and how if Dean hadn’t come to get him, he would be a lawyer. Aileen and Sam seemed to make a connection over lost dreams and common upbringing. It could be argued based on this, that Aileen may possibly make an appearance in later episodes. As a matter of fact, there are quite a few connections between Sam and Aileen. Both lost parents when they were around six months old to a supernatural baddie. Both were raised to hunt for revenge, and both had dreams of another life that were cast aside for the life of hunting. Fans can probably count on seeing Aileen again in the future.

The biggest questions on all fans minds have to be two things. One, what was Cas/ Lucifer looking for in the bunker? Somehow it is doubtful that he was actually looking for lore on Amara. Isn’t he supposed to be the expert on getting her back under lock and key? If that’s so, why does he need to look up lore? He is definitely looking for something that they guys don’t want him to have.  How did Lucifer even get past the warding on the bunker? Isn’t it supposed to be secure against all supernatural baddies? It isn’t the first time fans have seen someone enter that shouldn’t be there, remember the psychos looking for the Book of the Damned?

The second question on everyone’s mind, what made Dean vulnerable enough that he became Banshee Brunch? Is it his connection to Amara that has him so messed up? Is he concerned that he is falling in love with her, or concerned that he can’t fight the connection the mark provided long enough to destroy her before she destroys the world? Is it something completely different? Years of repressed feelings of failure and daddy issues? Unfortunately fans will have to wait for the remained of the season to unfold to get any chance at the answers.

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Oh and how bad ass is it that Lucifer can click his fingers and explode angels?

Into the Mystic” overall grade – B-

‘Supernatural’ airs every Wednesday at 9 PM EST on the CW

Check out a preview of next week’s episode “Don’t Forget about Me.”

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