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STOP!!! You are about to enter the world of latest episode spoilers. If you haven’t watched tonight’s episode of ‘Supernatural’ then stop reading now. If you are caught up and want to discuss tonight’s Valentine’s Day episode, keep reading. Last chance……3…..2…..1….okay.

So the writers took a break away from the season’s main story line tonight to celebrate Valentine’s Day in true “Supernatural” style. Fans of the show will remember the last Valentine’s Day episode “My Bloody Valentine” from way back in season 5 (episode 14). In that episode, Gluttony, was effecting a small town causing people to eat each other. Or at least one couple. The writers reviewed several holiday episodes, none of which ever seem to go well for the brothers. They seem to find some psycho, Pagan Gods, Horseman, or shifter on every holiday. This episode was no different.


Dean will be Dean and fans know that Valentine’s Day is one of his favorite holidays. He starts his day off with a large hickey on the side of his neck from a “lucky” night of being the Right Now guy. Sam berates him for taking advantage of heart broke, lonely women on Valentine’s Day. Eventually conversation turns to a job in Hudson, Ohio and Dean’s emergent need for a shower.

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The guys head to Ohio to investigate the death of a nineteen-year-old babysitter. They discover that Stacy, the babysitter, literally had her heart ripped from her body. Both Dean and Sam feel that the husband is hiding something and their instinct proves to be correct.

While Sam is investigating the body of the babysitter at the morgue, Dean visits Dan, the husband, at his office for further discussion. His wife, Melissa, had informed the ‘FBI’ agents that the nanny camera was missing from the house and Dan happened to be the one who stole it. He was concerned about his wife catching him canoodling the babysitter, so he planned to erase the footage.

While looking at the footage to delete the kiss, Dan finds the murder suspect looks amazingly like himself. Of course he is freaked out, and he is very concerned about Dean believing that he didn’t kill Stacy. Dean takes the SD card from the nanny cam and heads back to the hotel to share his information with Sam.

Sam hadn’t learned anything from examining the body, other than whatever killed the sitter was definitely not human. Dean confirms that information with the images on the SD card, especially when the critter flashes his beautiful glowing eyes on camera. Both boys come to the conclusion that it is a shifter and suit up with silver to take out the critter, who the suspect is the wife, Melissa.

Meantime, Dan is murdered in his office by something looking very much like Stacy, the dead babysitter. The boys head over to visit Melissa, having her write down a phone number they can use to contact her, using a silver pen. She has no reaction to the pen, leading the guys to believe it isn’t her.

That evening, Melissa is visited by her husband. Her dead husband. She fights him off momentarily and escapes to the outside of the property. She heads to the hotel, looking for the help of everyone’s favorite hunters. Dean has just returned to the room himself, after striking out at the local bar because of his “dad body.”

Melissa explains why she is in their hotel room. She also comes clean with information that she has withheld. She admits to the guys that she used the assistance of a White Witch who also happened to be her hair dresser from The Art of Dyeing. She hands Sam a copy of the so called love spell which Sam quickly discovers is actually a curse.

The guys figure out that how the curse works. One kiss to seal the deal. When Melissa kissed Dan, she marked him for death. Unfortunately, Stacy kissed Dan when he came downstairs to let her into the house. This marked her.  Once the curse had punished, read killed, everyone involved, including Melissa, it would have ended. To save her life, Dean kissed Melissa so that he is marked as well. They quickly discover, by pumping dead Dan with silver, that what they are dealing with is not a Shifter like the first thought. The silver doesn’t have any effect on it.

Everyone decided to head to the salon to see if they can either find the witch, or discover lore on the curse. While digging around, the boys find a spell book. They learn that they are actually dealing with a Qareen, a corporeal creature that can be commanded, similar to a genie in some ways. The creature presents as your deepest desire. Melissa’s was Dan, Dan’s was Stacy, and Stacy’s was Dan. Dean is certain that when the Qareen comes for him, it will be in the form of Daisy Duke.

They discover that the only way to stop the creature is to stab it in the heart. Unfortunately the heart is not in its body. Sam takes the upstairs of the salon to search while Dean searches downstairs. While unlocking the box the heart is stored in, Sam gets caught and helped in a spell by the Witch. She explains to him why she is selling the curse, as well as killing the women. Melissa walks in while she is trying to kill Sam, distracting her long enough for Sam to put witch killing bullets in her chest.

Dean is dealing with a woman of his own in the basement. As if seeing your deepest desire materialize isn’t creepy enough, imagine that it turns out to be Amara, yeah, God’s sister. Dean is still in denial about the situation, even seeing it proven in flesh and blood in front of him. While trying to distract the Qareen with conversation so that he can find a weapon, Dean learns that though his heart desires Amara, that desire is clouded in shame and hatred. Just when it looks like she is going to rip his heart from his body, the Qareen disappears, Sam having cut through its heart upstairs, unaware of the struggle going on in the basement.

Our guys head back to the hotel to pack and head home. Sam saw the destruction in the basement and corners Dean about it once back at the hotel. Dean comes clean and admits that his desire is Amara. Dean is completely surprised by the fact that Sam isn’t surprised. During the heart to heart, Dean admits he will not be able to end Amara when the time comes and it will have to fall on the shoulders of Sam.

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This episode steered away from the main story line this week. While fans discovered how deeply Dean was bonded with Amara, it didn’t give any insight into the plan to stop her. There was no mention of Castifer, Lucifiel, whichever you prefer to call him. There has been no sightings of Crowley since Lucifer left the cage and murdered Rowena. There are a great deal of unanswered questions hanging in the air.

As a stand-alone episode, tonight was great. Fans got to see a new creature, which arguably after 11 seasons discovered how deeply Dean was bonded with Amara, it didn’t give any insight into the plan to stop her. There was no mention of Castifer, Lucifiel, whichever you prefer to call him. There has been no sightings of Crowley since Lucifer left the cage and murdered Rowena.

As a stand-alone episode, tonight was great. Fans got to see a new creature, which arguably after 11 seasons is pretty awesome. After that long, there can’t be too many creatures the boys haven’t hunted left. Not only did the guys actually hunt a creature that gave them a bit of a challenge, they actually solved the mystery on their own, without Bobby, or any other veteran hunter. Fans didn’t even see John’s journal appear to help with the lore. Does this mean the boys are now the veterans? Have they outgrown the need for help during a hunt?

The writers did make history in tonight’s episode. For the first time in eleven seasons of ‘Supernatural’ Dean Winchester beat his brother at rock, paper, scissors! The shock could be seen on both of their faces.

While tonight’s episode was good in its own right, it will be nice to see the writers get back to the main season story line. The last few episodes have felt a little disconnected, as if the writers aren’t really sure where to go with the plot, but know where they want it to ultimately end up. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make for a smooth flowing season. It begs the question of how many more seasons of the show will air. To date there hasn’t been renewal for season twelve. Could the writers be building up to something big, like the end?

Love Hurts” overall grade – A

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