Sam and Dean argue and make a deal with Crowley just like old times. Fans see the return of a couple old friends. Castifer decides to take a stroll through heaven to recruit helpers. Tonight’s episode finally headed toward ways to defeat Amara, but the guys quickly learn that it won’t be the way they expected. If you aren’t caught up on season 11, stop reading. Otherwise there are spoilers ahead. 5…4…3…2…1.


Last night once again showed fans that Crowley is a business man first and foremost, starting with locating the Horn of Joshua. The Horn had been located in a desert, presumably in the Middle East. The owner of the Horn was on his deathbed, but had made a deal with Crowley in the years previous. Crowley agreed to destroy the contract if he could have the Horn. Of course, the British bloke agrees, only to have Crowley snap his neck once he authenticates the Horn. Walking out of the tent poses a bit of an issue when the British man’s security hold him at gun point. Crowley forced the guns turned on the security and opens fire effectively eliminating any witnesses.


He returns to civilization with the Horn, but has to avoid detection from Castifer’s demons. They are out in force hunting for Castifer’s puppy. While eluding the demons, Crowley makes a call to Dean asking him to meet. He explains that Sam and Dean need the tool he has if they want to stop Amara. He gives Dean the time and location. In true Crowley fashion, he hangs up on Dean. Of course the guys are suspicious of Crowley and his motives, but they agree to meet with him.

At the meeting, Crowley tells them straight up about the Horn and tells them they can have it. Of course, the guys wait for the other shoe to drop because with Crowley there is always a quid pro quo. Sure enough, Crowley tells them that he wants Lucifer locked back in the cage before they can have the Horn. The expected argument ensues with Sam and Dean firmly standing with the belief that they need Lucifer to stop Amara and lock her away. Crowley’ stance is that he doesn’t care one whit what they need to stop Amara, Lucifer goes back before they get the horn. He isn’t even concerned with saving Castiel from Lucifer. Crowley goes into detail about the torture and embarrassment that Castifer has put him through since leaving the cage, which the guys find amusing, pissing Crowley off even more.

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Meanwhile, we discover what has happened to Amara, along with another old friend. Rowena did not actually die. Well she did, but had taken precautions to keep from staying that way. Sewn into her thigh was special magic that lay dormant until her life force weakened. When Castifer snapped her neck, said magic reacted and healed her. She took to hiding to prevent Castifer from killing her again. When the angels tried to smite Amara, which was the last time fans saw her, the smiting took a great deal of power from her, weakening her immensely. Rowena hid her and was healing her slowly. At first this seemed odd, until one thinks about Rowena’s ability to play both sides. Protecting and healing Amara is securing Rowena a position if Amara wins. Typical Rowena. After healing Amara, Rowena decides to spy on Dean, Sam and Crowley. She finds out that they have the Horn and are planning on revenge against Castifer. After telling Amara a lie about what they were planning, Rowena sends a message to the guys. She burns the words ‘back from the dead Fergus’ into a metal cabinet at the location where they are all meeting. Sam sees it and has to get the attention of the other two because of their arguing like a married couple.

Meanwhile in Heaven, Castifer is trying to convince the angels to side with him. Of course, it doesn’t take too much convincing when he has the ability to snap his fingers and poof, dead angel, which is still a really cool power by the way. He makes an example of one angel, which was enough to get the rest to fall in line. Having a staff meeting in the heavenly board room, the angels decide there isn’t much they can to against Castifer and if he wants to take over Heaven, there isn’t much they can do. They are dismissing from the meeting when Amara decides to let everyone know she survived the smiting. Send a black smoke through Heaven with the words ‘Hear me’, she effectively rolls over the angels, including Castifer. Sam, Dean and Crowley see her power as a nasty looking storm, but Dean seems to detect more from it, realizing that it was sent from Amara. This helps stop the arguing, especially with Rowena’s message. The guys make a plan on how to stop Castifer and get the Horn from Crowley. They agree to put Lucifer back in the cage.


With the help of Crowley and Rowena, the guys set up several wardings and a few traps, then summon Castifer. Dean is determined to save Castiel before the send Lucifer back. Trapping Castifer in a Holy Oil circle, Dean tries to reason with Castiel, but isn’t able to reach him. Crowley, doing something very un-Crowley, smokes out of his vessel and enters Castiel’s. Inside he finds Cas hiding out in what looks like the kitchen of the bunker, watching TV. Cas states the room has the best reception. Lucifer has Castiel subdued and it doesn’t seem the situation is going to change any time soon. Just as Crowley is getting ready to vacate the premises, Lucifer walks in. He tells Crowley that he isn’t going anywhere and a fight ensues. Crowley is getting the crap kicked out of him, so he sends Sam and Dean a message by burning the words ‘Help Me’ into the forehead of his typical vessel. The guys start doing something fans haven’t seen in a very long time. The exorcise Crowley from Castiel’s vessel. Once back into his own vessel, Crowley lets the guys know that Lucifer’s control over Castiel is too strong. Just then, the wards break and Lucifer is loose. Taking control of the situation as well as the Horn, he starts his typical dialogue on how he is in charge, doesn’t need them anymore and plans to kill them. Just as he starts squeezing their hearts from the inside, Amara literally bursts through the door. She was tracking Rowena, who helped the guys set up the warding and spells to hold Castifer. That statement lets Castifer know that Rowena is still alive. Castifer decides that he may as well take Amara out, since he is holding the Horn. Unfortunately it doesn’t work, she absorbs the power from the Horn, and in turn she blasts Castifer. After giving Sam and Dean a look that says ‘You are next’ she smokes out with Castifer.

Back in the bunker, the guys discuss the facts. Crowley bailed, not a shocker. Neither was the fact the Rowena disappeared as well. Amara has Castifer, which wouldn’t bother the guys if Lucifer wasn’t holding Cas hostage in his own body. Dean does say something that most fans have probably thinking since the beginning. The weapon, in this case a Hand of God, must be wielded by one of God’s chosen and most like an arch angel cast out of Heaven doesn’t qualify. They believe that is why Amara just absorbed the power of the Horn instead of having it send her back under lock and key.

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Amara has decided that since Lucifer was God’s first child and most beloved, maybe torturing him will get God’s attention. She wants to have words with God and everything she has tried so far hasn’t worked. After trying to convince Amara that he can be of use to her if she will just trust him. She reminds him that she had trusted him at one point, but he teamed up with God to put her under lock and key. She explains that he will be of use to her, as a device to get God’s attention. Commence with the torture.


It was great seeing Rowena again. Most fans felt she was still alive, after all, she is a survivor. It comes as no surprise during her time and travels that she would find a way to cheat death. Even if it was just a one shot deal. It is still undetermined what her role will be from here on out. She is definitely going to need the Winchesters to keep her safe from Lucifer. He will want revenge, if of course, he can get away from Amara.

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Finally fans know what happened to Amara and where she has been. It should not come as a surprise that the other resident female bad-ass had teamed up with her. Fans know Rowena as a survivor and it looks like Amara may soon be running the world, so why wouldn’t she team up with her. One thing that most will notice is that Rowena seems to have a slight fear of Amara, which may be the smartest thing she has ever done. When she agreed to help with Lucifer, she seemed to be almost in love with him, or at least his power. With Amara, she seems to be scared, helping her, but very cautiously. Apparently she learned from Lucifer that those in power tend to do away with the minions when they are no longer needed. Rowena may be in luck, having Amara distracted with Castifer. Otherwise, not only will Lucifer be looking for her, but so will Amara for her betrayal. She told Amara the guys were not planning anything, which was an obvious lie.

Next week’s episode is a rerun of The Vessel, and there will be another rerun on the 20th as well,  but after that, fans should get the last five episodes of the season. There have been a great deal of filler, but these last five episodes should give fans the answers they are looking for. Will the hunters take out Amara? Will God appear to help the hunters? Can they save Castiel from Lucifer? There are rumors that Rob Benedict will return as Chuck, making fans speculate that he is God. What about the anti-Christ, whatever happened to him? Will he come to the aid of the hunters?


Hell’s Angel” overall grade – A Yay Rowena

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