A three-pronged assault on A.L.I.E. ended in failure last week, so what can The 100, and whatever allies they have left, do? How about the unthinkable. While no one would have blamed Clarke and the others to breakdown Hudson-like shouting “Game over! Six more weeks and out, man.” That’s not how this group rolls. If beating A.L.I.E. is mission: impossible, then the 100 is the bloody IMF, but what possibly could they do with what was literally their last hope turning her back on them and refusing to become the Commander? The only thing they could, which is appealing to the only other Night Blood they know is left.

I’m not sure giving the Flame to Ontari was the first idea that Clarke came up with, but when Roan arrived to take the Flame from a despondent Clarke he kind of forced the issue. Clarke manages to convince Roan of the imminent threat of A.L.I.E. and how they all have to work together to undo her damage. The only way to do that is to give Ontari the Flame, and since that last part suits Roan, he’s willing to go along with the 100’s scheming. One group goes to Polis to put the Flame in Ontari, while the others stay in Arkadia to find a way to transmit the kill code once its received. Just one problem though, Jasper is chipped.


Say what?! Yes, I guess he’s been carrying around a chip this whole time, and when he and the others broke up the peaceful life of Luna’s group on the oil rig, which not coincidentally resulted in the death of Jasper’s new friend Shay, he decided to take it. Jasper’s reveal wasn’t a total surprise. He was acting a little too cool, a little too laid back, and a little to willing to make amends with Monty. Even Monty looked suspicious as he and Jasper searched for a piece of equipment Raven needed. After that, Jasper goes all Shining on the others, stabbing Monty with a screwdriver (he’s okay!) and then taunting Raven and Monty through a locked door. The best one was recounting the cause of death of every member of the 100, including the often repeated, “Death by Clarke.”

And Wanheda strikes again when A.L.I.E., aware of the others’ plan, springs a trap and kills Roan in order to take Clarke alive. Clarke is taken to the throne room where Jaha and her mother are waiting to ask her for the Flame’s activation phrase, and they don’t mean to ask nicely. Paige Turco got to put on quite the horror show this week, first by putting on an creepy Stepford Wives vibe when about to torture Clarke with a scalpel saying “I’m not letting them do this. I’m doing this.” And then when that doesn’t work, A.L.I.E. makes Abbie hang herself, all that was missing was an Omen-ish declaration, “Look at me Clarke, it’s all for you.”


Sure, things upstairs were pretty – okay, very – messed up, but downstairs opportunity knocked. Murphy, Pike and Indra were able to save Bellamy, Octavia, Miller and Bryan, which means that the gang had one last chance to save the day, presuming that Octavia doesn’t kill Pike. Octavia’s aghast that Indra would let Pike hang around alive, but Indra’s got a bit of the pragmatic Murphy in her: they have to keep Pike alive to because they need good fighters. Admittedly, when Bellamy and Murphy went up in the elevator leaving Octavia and Indra on the ground floor with Pike, I thought he was dead, but he made it to the end of the hour though, albeit a little worse for wear.

As for the original pragmatic survivor Murphy, he got to play the hero, much to his own chagrin I’m sure, risking life and limb next to Bellamy as they tried to make their way to the throne room to save Clarke and the Flame. Full credit goes to Ed Fraiman, who with this has directed three stand out episode this season including “Watch the Thrones” and “Nevermore”, for creating an incredibly tense tense and frantic sequence as A.L.I.E. threw everything she got at the 100 to stop them from getting to Clarke. Even Kane she turned into her own personal Terminator.


All the heroics though was for not, because A.L.I.E. went for a scorched Earth policy and ordered Jaha to bash Ontari’s brain in. In the end, she’s not dead, but she is brain dead, which means putting the Flame inside her would be useless. That pretty much brings this episode of The 100 full circle because we started with our heroes surrounded and their one good option no longer being available, and we ended the same way. Did we really need the “To Be Continued…” at the end? Because I think that was pretty much implied.

Of course, we’ve seen the 100 in jams just as tough, and being outnumbered and outgunned with no good options. I can only assume that the writers room has figured out some way out of this situation, which could go one of two ways: either they’re going to have to make a Night Blood, or someone’s going to end up being a secret Night Blood. My guess, for some reason, is Emori, that her physical abnormality might mean that she has the Night Blood too, but cast off from Grounder society because of her deformed hand. It’s hard to think of another character that might be able to fit the bill, unless Luna decides to make a comeback for some reason.


There are so many things left to resolve going into the final hour. How can A.L.I.E. be defeated? Can A.L.I.E. be defeated if she’s now safely ensconced in the remains of the Ark in space? What’s going to happen between the Grounders and Skaikru once A.L.I.E. is defeated? Is there going to be a run on to see who’s going to get to kill Pike? Is the chipped Jasper going to kill Harper and perhaps irreparably destroy his friendship with Monty? So many possibilities and only 44 minutes to tackle them all. It’s going to be a good one. (We hope.)

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