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This week’s episode of The Flash continued the theme of pushing the team to new heights. And while they’ve had to overcome some major obstacles, they manage to find a way to deal with things. “The Darkness And The Light” is this season’s fifth episode. We finally get to see what brought Wells from his world to this. Or do we? Cisco’s powers are still manifesting, but he’s finding it harder to keep under wraps from the rest of the crew. Love is still in the air, and it’s not just between Barry and Patty. Finally, Dr. Light comes to town and The Flash discovers a new ability to help defeat her.

By now you should know the drill. If you haven’t seen this week’s episode, then you’re in for a spoiler filled world. If you’re okay with that, then by all means, continue on your journey.


After just saving his life, we start this week’s episode inside S.T.A.R. Labs where Barry is reintroducing Harrison Wells to Cisco and Caitlin. However, as we all know, Harrison Wells died at the end of the first season when Eddie sacrificed himself, thus erasing Wells (Eobard) from existence. This Harrison Wells, however, is from Earth-2, but tell that to the folks who he personally and deeply affected. One person who definitely didn’t forget about Wells was Det. Joe West who, as soon as he sees Wells in the lab, pulls his gun out and fires at him. Talk about ask questions later, huh? We also discover that Wells is the reason meta-humans and Zoom exist on Earth-2.

harry wells
Having explained the situation to Det. West, Joe leaves to tell Iris about what is going on.  When Joe meets up with Iris, he hands her a gun to hold onto for her protection. Meanwhile, Barry and Cisco grab a cup of coffee and run into Patty. Patty, once again, tries to get together with Barry, but unfortunately Barry had too many things to science and turns her down. After witnessing an embarrassing exchange, Cisco tries to feed Barry advice in the art of picking up women, but fails miserably when he gets denied by the barista behind the counter. Immediately after, Cisco has another vision of a meta-human robbing the local bank and sends The Flash to take care of things.

At this point, we get our first look at Dr. Light. A meta-human from Earth-2 who has the ability to absorb energy from starts and emit that energy as beams of light. The Flash is able to show up in time and stop the robbery, but Dr. Light distracts Barry and gets away. Back at the lab, Wells informs Barry and Cisco who Dr. Light is. Minutes later, Jay Garrick shows up and doesn’t even try to contain the anger he has towards Wells. The two begin to butt heads, but Wells walks away before anything serious happens.

Curious about what happened at the coffee shop, Barry asks Cisco how he knew about the robbery. Cisco fumbles around for this phone and explains that a warning from it told him about what was happening at the bank. He then tells them that’s he’s working on a plan to find Dr. Light and hastily runs off.

Later that day, Barry runs into Patty at the CCPD. The moment starts off a little shaky, but Barry is able to pull it together and finally asks her on a date. Back at the lab, Cisco finds Wells doing some research on his Earth-1 self, and the two finally have at it. No fists were thrown, but Wells asks Cisco what his Earth-1 self did to earn such cold shoulder. Cisco recounts the moment the original Wells stuck his hand inside Cisco’s chest and stopped his heart. Wells reminds Cisco that they don’t have to like each other, but they still have to work with each other in order to stop Zoom.

The group gets a signal alerting them that another robbery is taking place at a local bank. Dr. Light is at it again. The Flash races off to put a stop to her. He’s able to talk her into letting her guard down. She takes off her masks, but Barry becomes distracted when he realizes that Dr. Light is Linda Park of Earth-2. Realizing that The Flash recognizes her, Dr. Light blinds him and escapes. At the lab, Barry has been diagnosed with burned retinas, but should recover quickly because of his powers. The only problem now is that he’ll have to go on his date with Patty blind. With the help of Iris, though, Barry enlists the help of Cisco and the two team up to take on Barry’s date with Patty. However, she eventually catches on and he tells her it’s because he had just recently had his pupils dilated.

Meanwhile, Caitlin and Jay have been on a stakeout outside of the newspaper office where Linda Park works for fear that Dr. Light will go after her now that she knows she exists. That’s when Dr. Light attacks the van they’re in. Inside the news paper office, Dr. Light tells everyone to leave and then threatens to kill Linda. That’s when the editor of the paper steps in and saves Linda’s life at the cost of his own. Iris then fires the gun that Joe had given her, knocking off Dr. Light’s mask. Having never killed anyone before, Dr. Light rushes out of the building. Patty and Barry show up to find the rest of the crime unit on hand. They also find Iris and a visibly shaken Linda.

linda park upset
The team gathers back at the lab to work on a way to locate Dr. Light. Wells knows a way to track her and gives up Cisco telling everyone that he has powers. Cisco acknowledges the claims and tells everyone the truth. He then uses his powers to locate Dr. Light. The Flash runs over to her and has one final confrontation with her. He quickly realizes that he left so fast that they never came up with a plan to stop her. Wells chimes in and tells Barry that he needs to distract her. In order to do this, Barry must create a “Speed Mirage,” and many of them. Basically, Barry needs to run fast enough that he creates multiple images of himself. This is similar to what the Reverse Flash did in Season 1 when it appeared he was trapped within the force field.

The Flash learns a new move and stops Dr. Light in the process. Barry rejoins everyone at the lab and with a fresh look on things declares that he’s ready to take on Zoom. Garrick thinks Barry isn’t ready yet, though. He leaves the lab and apologizes knowing that if anything were to happen to Barry, it would somehow be his fault.

garrick looking beat
The episode ends with a view from Earth-2. We finally get a good look at Zoom in costume. We’re in what appears to be his base of operations. Trapped behind bars is a girl. It’s Harrison Wells’ daughter.


First, let’s talk about Earth-2’s Harrison Wells. While the original Wells was a great character, there was always something holding him back. Whether it was the wheel chair or the secret that he was actually Eobard Thawne, fans didn’t get to see the full effect of Wells until the very end…when it was too late to really take him in. With only five episodes into the season, hopefully this version of Wells sticks around for a while. He’s brash, blunt, and definitely an upgrade.

If you’re a fan of the Barry/Spivot will they/won’t they dancing they’ve been doing for the past couple of episodes, then you’re probably happy with last night’s episode. Could this have been stretched out longer? Possibly, but with the way they were running into each other and how they were acting, it would have gotten annoying. It felt like good timing here. So kudos to the writers for getting this right.

spivot and barry
Another great thing this episode had going was Dr. Light. She’s been the best villain as far as powers go. Considering what little we saw of her, she was really interesting. It’s a shame fans couldn’t get more of a backstory on her, but in a show with a strong ensemble cast, sacrifices have to be made. Not being a regular is going to help you. So in that case, the obvious choice here is Dr. Light.

Okay, so what stunk in this episode? You definitely have to mention the revelation of Cisco’s power here. A ticker tape parade isn’t necessary, but maybe something a little more dramatic would have been nice. Instead, we got Wells throwing poor Cisco under the bus. He pretty much pointed a finger at Cisco and claimed, “He’s a meta-human!” Barry couldn’t even get the words out of his mouth. That’s because Wells interrupts and says, “You can be sorry later.” Sadly, at this point, the episode was nearing the end and there was little time left on the clock. Of course, near the very end of the episode, they did revisit the topic, and much to his delight (and maybe a little surprise from the audience) Barry and Caitlin were very accepting that someone so close to them held back such a big secret. In fact, Barry was already giving him advice on how to handle his powers and that they’ll handle it together. The only good to come out of this scene was that Cisco finally took on the code name “Vibe.”

cisco barry and caitlin coffee shot
Overall, this week’s episode was another winner. There were even some great Easter Eggs thrown in. Did you notice who the barista behind the counter was? She said her name was Kendra Saunders. Comic book gurus will know that name to be associated with Hawkgirl. Did you also catch the conversation between Caitlin and Jay Garrick in the van during their stakeout? He mentioned that on Earth-2 the city of Atlantis isn’t a a great mystery possibly sitting at the bottom of the ocean. On his world, it’s a city on the surface where his best friend is from. Could he be referring to Aquaman? Who else would The Flash from Earth-2 be best friends with from Atlantis?

The Darkness And The Light” overall grade – A

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