flash 2x15 King Shark
YES! YES! YES! This is the episode Flash fans have been waiting for! And to think…it’s just another Tuesday. There’s still the Supergirl crossover and season finale to look forward to. But this week’s episode started out strong, and ended with a revelation bigger than Shane McMahon’s return to Monday Night RAW. On this week’s episode of The Flash, titled “King Shark,” the show gets back to basics, a big baddie returns, and leaves you reaching for a towel to wipe the drool coming from your mouth after the jaw dropping moment at the end of the episode. Get ready for a fun recap and review.

Before you make the leap of faith and dive head first into this week’s RECAP/REVIEW for The Flash, think about what you’re about to do. There’s going to be a lot of spoilers and no holding back. So to help protect your eyes from something you may not want to know, then here is a random picture of corn on the cob.


When audiences last saw Barry and the crew, Jay Garrick had just had an arm shoved through him by Zoom and then ripped back into the rift. And right in the front row, with clear vision to see everything, was poor Caitlin.

After the events of that day and on Earth-2, the group tries to put everything behind them. But as the episode goes on, it’s clear that keeping things a secret was not going to work. Later, at a secured ARGUS facility, it seems that questions regarding King Shark’s whereabouts were answered when it was revealed that he was actually being held prisoner. Unfortunately for them, he was able to outsmart them and make his escape.

flash 2x15 King Shark bites
Diggle and Lyla show up at STAR Labs to warn the crew that King Shark had escaped the custody of ARGUS. Diggle suggests that Barry hang back and let them handle the situation, but Barry has been looking for a distraction. Caitlin and Cisco team up and head to a lab in which King Shark’s Earth-1 doppleganger used to work at. He had passed away during the particle accellerator explosion, but his wife still worked at the lab. While questioning her about the research done at the lab, Caitlin develops a cold, stern tone in her voice, and it begins to bother Cisco. Luckily, he’s able to keep his mouth shut about the events on Earth-2.

Later that night, Barry agrees to help Wally with his engineering project. However, that doesn’t go as planned as Barry allows his distractions to get the best of him and begins nitpicking at Wally’s engineering design. Wally is taken aback, but Barry manages to salvage the sinking ship. Back at the lab, Caitlin confronts Cisco about his weird behavior. Cisco comes out and spills the beans about their Earth-2 encounters. But Caitlin responds the only way one could in her situation. “I just watched Jay get killed right in front of my eyes. Just when I was starting to feel normal again. Just when I was beginning to love him.”

flash 2x15 Caitlin confronts Cisco
At the West house, Wally and Barry are still working on the engineering project. The tension builds to a point where Barry finally confront Wally. As it turns out, it seem that Barry is the “perfect” child and Wally still doesn’t feel at home with the Wests. Obviously, that’s not the case, but before Barry can utter a word, King Shark makes a surprise appearance when he tears part of the roof off looking for the Flash. Joe and Iris come down from their room, and Barry races off to do his thing, but King Shark gets away. During the cleanup, Wally is still amazed at the events which just ocurred, but to Joe and Iris, it’s nothing out of the ordinary in Central City. When Barry shows back up, Wally can’t help but call him out for disappearing and calls him a “coward.” Barry takes the blow, but it seems to be the final one as he begins to break down. Out comes everything that happened on Earth-2 and it looks like it’s been eating away at Barry from the inside. “I left an entire world at Zoom’s mercy.”

flash 2x15 Barry upset
The team regroups at the lab to figure out a way to stop King Shark before he tears off any more rooftops. Cisco creates a replica of Barry to use as bait in order to capture King Shark. It’s time to go fishing. ARGUS and the rest of the team setup at the docks and begin fishing for King Shark. The big fish takes the bait, but the team fails to reel him in. Barry races over the water and lures King Shark into the middle of the ocean. There, he begins to electrify the water and eventually shocks King Shark into unconsciousness. ARGUS takes him back into custody and Barry heads back to the lab.

Joe meets up with Wally and comes out telling him that Barry isn’t the perfect child he thinks he is. Joe takes things a step further and reveals the broken past that Barry has. At the lab, Caitlin plays a trick on Cisco and makes him believe that she’s turning into Killer Frost. Upstairs, Barry has gathered everyone to show off the tribute he’s created in honor of Jay. And there he declares that they’ll find a way back to Earth-2 and that they’ll defeat Zoom.

flash 2x15 Jay Garrick tribute
At the end of the episode, Zoom finally makes an appearance since showing up to kill Jay Garrick. Inside his lair, he drops the lifeless body of Jay Garrick and the man in the iron mask begins to panic. The camera pans back to Zoom and he takes his mask off revealing his true identity. It’s none other than Jay Garrick.


After weeks of slightly complaining, it seems like the writers were listening and answered the call. The show, this week, went back to it’s roots and audiences got an episode about the Flash versus the villain of the week. And this week’s villain just happened to be one of the best ones, King Shark. Visually, King Shark is a stunning bad guy. He’s huge! He’s also half man, half shark! As an aside, you know how in the previous X-Men movies by Bryan Singer they could never get Colossus to look right? Then Deadpool comes out, and all of a sudden there’s this collective sigh of relief from the fans because this film finally got him right! You could almost say the same thing about King Shark. They never got him wrong to begin with. But it was fantastic seeing a villain that felt like it was ripped right out of a comic book.

flash 2x15 King Shark vs Barry
That’s not to say the other villains, thus fair, haven’t been up to par. The Weather Wizard has been great, as well as Captain Cold and Mark Hamill’s portrayal as the Trickster. But they’re no King Shark. Sure, he’s just a big brute. However, when you look at him, the first thing out of your mouth is, “whoa.” One of the best scenes in tonight’s episode was the first look that Diggle and Lyla get of King Shark. Here is this massive fish out of water, and he’s eating one of the ARGUS officers that was guarding him. Awesome.

Up to now, there’s no hiding that the Caitlin/Jay Garrick relation ship was kind of annoying. Sadly now that’ he’s passed away, you can’t help but feel bad for Caitlin. This week’s episode was a good telling of her story. Losing someone is always a difficult situation to deal with. However, in Caitlin’s case, she lost two people she was in love with, and that stinks. Her moment came when she finally confronted Cisco about the way he had been acting around her. “…because I have to be. I just watched Jay get killed right in front of my eyes. Just when I was starting to feel normal again. Just when I was beginning to love him. So if I let myself feel, if I let all of that pain and anger out, it’s never going to stop. And that’s not going to help me either.”

flash 2x15 Caitlin napping
Alright. Caitlin gets a break, but just for this week.

Mark this week’s episode as a big “growing pain” themed episode for The Flash. While it was fun to have Diggle and Lyla on the show, it was also equally important. Think of it like revising your own essay. For the first time, in a long time, the group is getting some “outside” perspective. “You’re starting to do that thing that Oliver does – carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You gotta stop that man. It’s gonna slow you down.” As Barry said during his voice over at the beginning of the episode, the group put the events of Earth-2 behind them, but it was clearly effecting all of them. It was really important for Diggle to say those words to Barry because he does do it…a lot. And more importantly, there was that scene at the West home, when Wally called Barry a coward. Once Wally left, it just all came pouring out and the audience finally sees how much weight Barry has had on his shoulders.

Crying is an action that people don’t want others to see. It’s the ultimate release of stress and other terrible feelings, but at the same time, it’s one of the most private and most vulnerable moments in a person’s life that they’d rather not share. It’s like a double edged sword which measures the trust you have inside if yourself and those you call your friends. If Barry didn’t have the love from the West family and his friends, there’s a good chance he wouldn’t recover from something like this. Who knows what the end result would have been like.

flash 2x15 Barry the coward
As you can tell, this was an excellent episode that seemed to contain just the right amount of everything. There was a great villain, every character had solid character development, there were great visual effects, and solid action sequences. And, of course, who can forget those final moments of this week’s episode? Zoom carries a lifeless Jay Garrick and drops him on to the floor like a bag of heavy supplies that he’s tired of holding. The man in the mask begins to panic; his eyes are so wide open that you can clearly see the white in the darkened room. Finally, Zoom does the one thing fans having been dying to see all season long: he reaches for his mask and takes it off. In that moment, you screamed out loud. It was something that many knew was coming, but didn’t and did at the same time.

There were all of these small details that threw you off the scent of who Zoom was. The big moment of course was seeing Hunter Zolomon, a man from Earth-1 sitting on the park bench. That man looked harmless, but according to the comics, he was supposed to be the worst villain to face the Flash. Jay Garrick is supposed to be from Earth-2. So the question still remains, who is Zoom? And who is the man in the mask that Zoom has prisoner?

flash 2x15 Jay Garrick is Zoom
King Shark” overall grade – A+

The Flash goes on a short break but returns March 22nd with an all new episode titled, “Trajectory.” Here’s a preview for it:

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