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In many ways, it ended just like how most people predicted. However, on this week’s episode of The Flash, titled “The Race Of His Life,” season two finally came to an end, and it was a bag of mixed emotions. There’s sadness because there’s a whole summer to get through before The Flash comes back for season three. There was joy because lives were saved, stories ended, and some people kissed. Then, of course, there was some confusion because the finale brought up so many questions that fans will be asking regarding the next season. So, if you’re ready to talk about last night’s season finale of The Flash, then keep reading after the jump.

Just like every week, this space is reserved to let you lovely readers know that there will definitely be spoilers in this article. So, if for some reason you haven’t seen the season finale yet, then look away. And to help make sure your eyes don’t see anything they don’t want to see, here is a cute photo of something found on the internet.


This week’s episode begins with the screams of Barry and the death of Henry Allen. A cold start to the end of season two. Consumed with rage, The Flash chases after Zoom in an effort to stop his for good. However, a time remnant of Zoom comes out of no where and causes Barry to hesitate. Out of no where, the present Zoom appears and kills his time remnant. “You’re almost ready,” he tells Barry before racing away from the scene.

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It’s now a rainy day and the crew has gathered around Henry’s grave. Barry is too choked up to say anything, but Joe steps up and says a few words. “Henry Allen was proof that love can get you through the darkest of days.” Back at the West home, Wally recalls the moment when he realized Barry was the Flash. He thanks him and tells him that if he ever needs anything to ask. Soon after, they begin to talk about a way to stop Zoom. Outside, Barry and Iris are getting some fresh air when an unexpected visitor zooms past their house. Barry runs after them. It’s Zoom. He proposes a race between the two of them to find out who the fastest person alive is. If Barry wins, it all ends. However, he refuses to give into anything Zoom wants to do. But Zoom plans to kill everyone Barry loves until he gives into his demands.

At the lab, they realize what Zoom is up to. He plans on ripping apart the multiverse. However, in order to accomplish this, he needs the speed from Barry. That’s why he proposed that the two of them should race. Barry is in complete agreement, but the rest of the crew is not. They lure Barry into one of the cells in the lab and lock him up. They plan on stopping Zoom without Barry. They feel that Barry isn’t in the right frame of mind to battle Zoom and, therefore, locked up Barry to keep him safe.

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They discover where Zoom is planning his next move and surprise him there. A hologram of Caitlin is used to lure Zoom out. Their plan to restrain Zoom and throw him back into the portal almost works, but at the last moment, he grabs Joe and they both end up back on Earth-2. They regroup at the lab where Wally meets them and is told the bad news. Having lost his mother, Wally refuses to lose his father and walks away in anger.

On Earth-2, Zoom reveals more of his history to Joe. He also reveals who the man in the Iron Mask is. It turns out to be the real Jay Garrick. Zoom intended to steal his speed, but it never worked out. And then the rift opened up to Earth-1 where he also saw Barry. And thus his quest to capture Barry’s speed began. One Earth-1, Wally finds Barry and sets him free. The two race back upstairs and confront everyone. Although upset, it seems Barry understood why they did what they did. However, Barry is still confident he can beat Zoom. And with the help of Cisco, he reaches out to Zoom to accept his proposal.

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Barry and the rest eventually meet up with Zoom at his work site. Zoom then tells them what he’s been working on. As it turns out, Earth-1 is the focal point for all of the other Earths. Zoom plans to send out a multi-universal shock wave that would destroy all of the multiverse. This explains the visions Cisco has been having of Earth-2 being ripped apart. The race begins and things seem to go as planned. Moments later and another red streak of lightning can be seen. Barry made a time remnant. The remnant races off the track to free Joe while the present version takes Zoom down. The time remnant continues to run around the device set up by Zoom in an effort to phase it out of existence. Sadly, at the same time, the copy of Barry have to die in order to succeed.

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Barry finally beats Zoom, but right before he’s able to kill him, two time wraiths come flying out of a nearby rift. The wraiths take care of Zoom and whisk him away through a rupture. After celebrating their victory, Wells, Jesse, and Jay Garrick leave via portal created by Cisco. Back at the West household, Barry and Iris are out on the porch talking about their future. Having gone through some traumatic events, Barry has decided that a relationship with Iris isn’t the best thing at that moment. Iris, obviously upset, understands him and goes back inside the house. Looking from the outside in, Barry apologizes before he races off in the distance. He creates a portal to send hims back in time where he finally stops the Reverse Flash from killing his mother. He looks up for a moment to see a past version of himself dissolve into nothing.

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Just take a moment to let everything you saw tonight sink in. Inhale. Now, exhale. Okay, time to freak out again. There’s a lot to cover here, so let’s begin in no particular order. It seemed all episode long, Zoom (Teddy Sears) was preparing Barry for something. You could really sense something when Zoom killed another one of his time remnants. At which point he told Barry (Grant Gustin) that he was almost ready, but for what? What was Zoom getting Barry ready for? It wasn’t until the end of the episode, during the big race, when you found out what he was talking about. Could it be that Zoom wanted Barry to beat him this entire time? Maybe to kill him? It’s the only thing that seems to make sense. Either way, it was a very powerful moment to know that Barry had created a time remnant and to watch as he sacrificed himself to save everyone.

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Fans finally found out who the man in the iron mask was. Thankfully it wasn’t Leonardo DiCaprio. It was, however, someone that many of you were able to figure out several episodes ago if you were keen on some of the dialogue from Henry Allen. In one of those episodes, Allen recalled the name Garrick that Hunter Zolomon had been using while he was on Earth-1. It was his mother’s maiden name. This led many to believe that the man in the iron mask was Henry Allen’s doppelganger from Earth-2 but with a different name. Early in the season finale, Zoom confirmed it was the real Jay Garrick in the mask, but it wasn’t until the end of the episode where the audience discovered that it was Henry’s doppelganger. As an added twist, this Jay Garrick did not come from Earth-2. In fact, he originates from Earth-3. So what does this mean for the future of the show? Fans already got to experience Barry on another Earth with Supergirl, but it was never determined which Earth it was. And now there’s been reference to Earth-3. With the specific ending of this season, though, traveling to other universes may be on hold for a while.

Speaking of that ending, how about that? How many of you out there saw that coming? Admittedly, this writer thought the speedster was going to start running to other universes to find Jay Garrick. The last thing many audiences were suspecting was a head-first dive into the Flashpoint story line. For those of you out there who are unfamiliar with this, the story line was originally written by Geoff Johns. In the story, Barry goes back in time to prevent Reverse-Flash from killing his mother. This creates a huge butterfly effect and changes many things throughout the course of history. For example, Bruce Wayne is killed instead of his parents causing Thomas Wayne to take up the mantle of Batman. There is an all-out war between the Atlantians and Amazons which nearly destroys the entire world. The Justice League never exists, and so much more. Of course, this is very different from the television show. None of these things have been mentioned nor have they occurred.

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Where does this leave things for season three? Obviously, things are going to change. Barry mother will be alive. In the comic book, Henry never goes to jail, but does die of a heart attack three years after his mother is saved. He may still be close to the Wests since their families were friends, but he and Iris may never be a thing or even come close. There may be no Cisco, no Caitlin, no Harrison Wells. As far as anyone is concerned, Barry may go on to live a boring and normal life. He may not even become a forensic scientists.

As a whole, the entire episode did a good job of tying up loose ends. It would have been great to see Wells and Jesse stick around, but their lives are on Earth-2. And with Zoom out of the picture, they could always come back for a visit. Wally played a pivotal role in the season finale. For the most part, his character had just kind of been…there. He played more of a troll for the writers to tease if he would become a speedster like his literary counterpart, but that has yet to be seen. It seems Cisco continues to grew with each episode. And based on Zoom’s reaction to when Barry sent him a message through Cisco, Zoom seemed impressed with Cisco’s abilities. It presents the question of how much more can he do? Hopefully there’ll be more to him in the upcoming season. Finally, can someone get Caitlin Snow a vacation? The has gone through it all. It may be time to give her some normalcy in the next season.

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And who can forget the revelation of the real Jay Garrick. John Wesley Shipp look incredible in his Flash costume, and the best part was how great the helmet looked when he added it. But this can’t be possibly the last time we’ll see him on the show will it? Fans barely got to know the real Jay Garrick. So hopefully they’ll find a way to visit him in the next season. For now, fans will have to settle with a little sample of his abilities when he cut that mask in half.

Overall, it’s hard to believe that this show has just ended it’s second season. They feel like true veterans, but are only finishing up their sophomore year (which, for many, are the worst years). If this season was any indication, then it would be wise to use this summer to read up on as much Flash as you can. The season premiere is about five months away. That’s enough time to watch the film adaptation of Flashpoint in “Flashpoint Paradox” and read those comics.

The Race Of His Life” overall grade – A

The Flash airs every Tuesday at 8 PM EST on The CW.

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