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After the end of last week’s episode, we were all left with one question: Who said “help?” Was it Glenn? Was it Rick? Was it someone we don’t know?

This episode starts off by answering a bigger question: Did Glenn survive the zombie horde?

Do not continue reading if you do not want to know Glenn’s fate.

Seriously, unless you’ve seen the episode or want to be completely spoiled, don’t keep reading.

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Glenn lives!!

This comes as a surprise to almost no one. Yet, it feels a bit like cheating. Until now, this show has been fearless. No one is safe. At times, it feels like this show is ballsy enough to kill Rick. Now that Glenn survived the unsurvivable, the show doesn’t feel as brave as it once did.

(That being said, HALLELUJAH!)

After getting away from the zombies, Glenn finds Enid. As we learned in ‘JSS,’ she does not want anyone’s help. Of course, this is Glenn. He doesn’t know how to leave people behind.

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He asks her what happened in Alexandria. She tells him simply:

“What happens is what always happens.”

This is her outlook on life. There is no point in investing in happiness. There is no point in feeling safe. There is no point in attachment. All you have is yourself and you have to just survive somehow.

Glenn doesn’t believe that. He begs her to tell him what happened to Maggie. Instead of answering, Enid runs away. Of course, Glenn follows her.

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Back at the safe zone, Maggie has been keeping watch waiting for Glenn to return. Rick tells her that she doesn’t have to do this, but her desperate hope keeps her standing there. Maggie and Glenn are the great love story of this show. They will never stop hoping for each other.

Later, Rick and Carl teach Jessie’s son Ron how to shoot. This is an idea that is so full of bad it’s absurd. Later in the episode, he steals bullets from the armory. We don’t find out what he intends to do with them, but it’s not a stretch to think that he is going to shoot Rick, and possibly Carl.

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Ron isn’t the only one learning how to fight. Rosita instructs Eugene and others how to fight using a machete. Eugene is nervous about fighting. Actually, he’s frightened of it. This sets Rosita off. She tells him that the reality is that people die and:

“What you should be scared of is knowing that you didn’t do everything to keep them here.”

Rick, Michonne, Carol and Morgan recap what happened during the siege of the safe zone. Morgan admits to letting the Wolves go. Morgan says that he can’t let go of the potential good in people. As we say in a previous episode, he believes in the power of redemption. At the same time, he sees the consequences of allowing people like the Wolves to live. He’s tormented by how to reconcile his morality with the violent reality in which he lives.

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Which is, in many ways, exactly what most of the world is feeling right now. At what point do you stop believing in redemption and mercy? At what point to start fearing everyone? At what point do you only protect what’s yours? 

Glenn finally finds Enid and refuses to leave without her. Obviously, she doesn’t want to go with him. When he persists, she pulls a gun on him. Eventually, she relents and the two of them walk back to Alexandria.

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Glenn sees that she is completely shut down. He wants to give her the same hope that he has. He tells her that turning off her emotions isn’t living. It’s a form of death.

“We honor the dead by going on. You live because they don’t get to.”

Both of them are completely shocked when they get to the safe zone and see the massive amount of zombies outside the fence. Enid starts to walk toward the them, telling Glenn that it’s pointless to keep fighting.

“The world is trying to die. We’re supposed to just let it.”

This is Glenn she’s talking to. He won’t let anyone die.

Neither will Morgan. He goes to the “hospital” to get bandages and medicine to dress the wound of the Wolf he has locked up. The doctor goes with him. They don’t go alone. Carol sees them and realizes that they are doing something they probably shouldn’t be doing. She follows them and confronts Morgan about who is in the cell.

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We don’t find out what happens next because elsewhere in Alexandria, the safe zone is once again falling – literally, falling. One of the watchtowers tumbles down onto the fence, crashing a giant hole in the town’s defenses.

The Alexandrians haven’t even recovered from the Wolves’ assault. They are only beginning to learn how to fight. While the next episode will bring us the reunion of Glenn and Maggie, it’s clear that it’s also going to bring us a lot of death.

Check out the sneak peak below and leave us a comment letting us know what you think is going to happen next.


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