The look on Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) said it all. Ever since he found out The Flash was Barry (Grant Gustin), he’s had this look like he was missing something, or missing out on something. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a speedster, but he definitely wants to help. The question is what can he do? His dad’s a cop, his sister has investigative skills, Cisco and Snow are the techies, and then there’s Wally. You can’t blame him for wanting to do more. To make matters worse, here comes Jesse Quick (Violet Beane) with new skills as a speedster; who got hit by the same dark matter as Wally. Poor kid. His moment will come, though. It’s just a matter of time.

Tonight’s episode, titled “Magenta,” starts off with Barry and Iris trying to settle into their new relationship. But being a superhero means you have a lot responsibilities. The drive is there, but can the two handle the stress of their true calling? After stopping a robbery, their date comes to another abrupt end as familiar faces from Earth-2 come for a visit. First through the portal is Harrison Wells, but the real surprise comes when Jesse Quick races through to show off her new powers. The look on Wally’s face says it all.

After everyone is reacquainted with each other, the Speed Lab is introduced. Not only is it new to the audience, but it’s new to Barry, Harrison, and Jesse. Harry being the smart man he is immediately catches on to the fact that Barry’s done something to the timeline because the lab never existed when they were last on Earth-1. Harrison explains that he and Jesse have come to run some tests with the help of the team. However, it’s later revealed that Harrison needs help convincing Jesse that she shouldn’t be a superhero. During their visit, Wally does a terrible job of hiding his emotions. Joe and Barry see that he’s having trouble adapting to the idea of Jesse having abilities. At one point, Wally even tries to recreate the situation that caused Jesse’s powers to awaken. It only results in Barry becoming upset with him and Harrison being upset with Jesse.

Eventually, everyone comes to terms with their current situation when a new meta-human by the name “Magenta” shows up thanks to Dr. Alchemy. Magenta has the power of magnetic manipulation. So consider her the Magneto of the DC Universe. At one point, she’s even able to lift a tanker from out of the ocean and threatens to drop it onto the hospital where her foster dad (who had been abusive to her) was staying. Thanks to the help of Jesse (who Harry sent to help Barry) The Flash is able to talk Magenta out of dropping the tanker onto the building. After the events of that night, Team Flash sets her up with a new family who is committed to giving her the love she desperately needs. The episode ends with new footage from Iron Heights the night Edward Clariss was killed. He appears to be thrown around by some kind of force, but upon closer investigation, this could be the first instance of Savitar.

This is one of the most well-balanced episodes of The Flash thus far. It was able to tell multiple stories without feeling cluttered or misguiding. Not only that, but it was able to progress the story and introduce major story arcs for certain characters. With that being said, it wasn’t the greatest episode. There weren’t any jaw dropping moments or situations that made you cry or yell at your television set. And all of that is fine. What’s important is if this episode made you feel satisfied at the end, and this episode accomplished that.

After living with Harrison and Jesse for most of season two, it was hard to imagine the two not being there every day this year. However, this episode was a good time to see them come back into the fold. It was great seeing Jesse’s costume making it’s debut. The design is a little different from the comic books, but the color scheme is similar. Jesse Quick has led an interesting life in the comics. She has a different origin and different parents, but the question is if we’ll see any part of this life play on the small screen. At one point, her father sacrifices himself to save her from Savitar. Could Harrison Wells end up doing the same thing to save his daughter? Then there is her friendship with Supergirl. Thanks to the show’s move to The CW, there may be a chance audiences will see the two characters become best friends.

It may be safe to say that after watching this episode, fans can expect Wally West to become the speedster many are so used to reading about in the comics. It won’t happen next episode, but there’s no reason why it couldn’t happen by the crossover that is expected to happen around episode seven or eight. It was very plausible that Wally’s powers would be awakened by Dr. Alchemy but now that it’s know how Jesse got hers, Wally may gain his speed the same way she did.

That’s it for now. Check out new episodes of The Flash every Tuesday on The CW at 8PM. Here’s a preview of next week’s new episode, “The New Rogues.”

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