Last week’s penultimate episode of Game of Thrones continued the series long tradition delivering a jaw dropping episode. In last week’s episode, the “magnificent seven” went north of The Wall to secure a wight for the purpose of convincing Cersei and everyone that their beef over the iron throne pales in comparison to the real war. It was epic as they faced off against a horde of the dead. Lucky for them, Daenerys was able to come in and save their butts courtesy of her three dragons. Unluckily for her, the Night King used an ice spear to take down her dragon Viserion and later on reanimate him as an undead dragon. As they sailed to King’s Landing for the summit, Jon decided to finally bend the knee to Danny. But was their trials and sacrifices worth it? How did this week’s episode of Game of Thrones go?

Wasting no time, the episode got down to business with the Unsullied and Dothraki armies lining up at King’s Landing for the upcoming summit. The Lannister armies are also preparing, but the offs are definitely not in their favor and they are definitely intimidated. The one person who isn’t intimidated is Cersei. She orders the undead Mountain to kill Daenerys, Jon Snow, and Tyrion is the meeting doesn’t prove to be as productive as she wants. Before the meeting takes place, it’s a reunion for many of the players. Bronn reunites with Tyrion, and Tyrion even offers him to come and switch sides once again. However, Bronn has just received his lordship from Jamie and the Lannisters, so he’s fine where he is… for now. Brianne and The Hound reunite after their to the death swordfight over Arya a few season ago, and they both agree that no one needs to protect her anymore. Brianne also runs into Jamie and their deep respect for each other continues.

Onto the actual meeting. Everyone gathers at Dragonpit, the famed structure in King’s Landing that the Targaryens used to house their dragons. Cersei arrives with her entourage. Before the meeting starts, The Hound comes face to face with his undead brother The Mountain. As he exchanges words (which his zombie brother probably didn’t understand anyway) they’re foreshadowing their eventual showdown that will come next season. Euron also makes sure he talks some smack to Theon. The only person who is missing from the meeting is Daenerys. Of course, she makes her grand entrance with her dragons. With her there, the meeting is underway. As they discuss a potential parlay, Cersei remains defiant, not believing in the stories of the dead. No words will change her minds, so they decide to show her. The Hound comes with the crate holding the wight, opens it, and out comes the undead who immediately charges for Cersei. The Hound holds it at bay with chains, but now they have Cersei’s undivided attention, even Euron, who decides he’s heading back to the Iron Islands since the dead cannot swim. Cersei decides that he will allow her armies to stand down and Daenerys will do the same, on the condition that Jon and the North do not get involved with her beef with Daenerys. It’s too late for that as Jon has already bent a knee, which he tells her. Cersei storms off as the truce is over.

With the truce over, it looks like Viserion sacrifice was in vain. Tyrion decides to pull a Hail Mary and go and talk with Cersi by himself. Daenerys and Jon both agree that if he goes, he’s a dead man. Tyrion decides to go ahead anyway. After he shares a brief moment with his brother Jamie, he goes into the room with his sister where they get into a “For Your Emmy Consideration” moment for both Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage. She blames Tyrion not only for the usual “killing their mother” but this time because he killed their father. By Tyrion killing Tywin, it showed that the Lannisters were weak, and all the bad things that have happened to their house have been a result of Tywin’s death. Tyrion apologizes for his niece and nephew’s death and then tells Cersei that if she truly hates him, to go forward and kill him. The Mountain even ready’s his sword. She ends up not killing him. Instead, she declares the truce will hold and the Lannister army will march North with them to face off against the army of the dead.

In Winterfell, Sansa is continuing to seek Littlefinger’s counsel in how to deal with her sister. Littlefinger plants the bug in Sansa’s ear that Arya came to Winterfell not to be with her family, but to come and kill Sansa so that she can be the lady of Winterfell. It looks like his plan of pitting the sisters against each other is finally coming to fruition. With Brianne in King’s Landing, there would be no one to protect either of the Stark sisters from each other.

Back at Dragonstone as Jon, Daenerys and everyone are planning on heading North to face the dead, Jon has a brief chat with Theon. The two were raised as Starks, even though they are not Starks. Jon comments that Ned was a better father than his real one, and he betrayed him. Theon has to live with this shame, but he also knows he needs to do something for his sister. With that, he tries to rally the rest of his Ironborn to go and rescue his sister from Euron’s clutches. However, they want to leave and be away from the dead. The de facto leader of the group tells Theon he’s a coward and they aren’t following him anymore. The two quickly get into a fight, where Theon is clearly overmatched. As Theon continuously gets pummeled, he continues to get up and keep fighting. That’s when the man knees him in the ground repeatedly. Luckily for Theon, he has nothing there and turns the fight into his favor and after a headbutt, he savagely beats the man, rallying the rest of the soldiers to his side to go and save his sister Yara.

At Winterfell, Sansa has her guards summon Arya to the Great Hall for what appears to be a trial for treason. As the doors lock, you don’t feel worried for Arya, but for everyone else in that hall. Sansa starts listing the crimes of murder and treason, and then she turns to Littlefinger to ask him how does he answer for these charges. Pretty much everyone is caught off guard by that, especially Littlefinger. Turns out she was playing Littlefinger better than Littlefinger can. He tries to weasel his way out of it citing that there’s no proof of this. However, Sansa has the perfect courtroom stenographer there, Bran, who recounts all his exploits over the past 7 seasons thanks to his Three Eyed Raven powers. Arya is more than happy to slice his throat and we are finally rid of Littlefinger.

At King’s Landing, Jamie is getting ready to ride north with his armies when Cersei runs into him. After she tells his captains to leave she reveals to him that she has no plans on helping Daenerys and Jon fight the dead. Her plan is to let them deal with the dead and continue to rule. Turns out Euron’s cowardice was a ruse. Cersei sent him away to go recruit mercenaries to fight against Daenerys. Jamie may be a Lannister, but he’s an honorable Lannister and is not on board with that idea. Jamie states that he will still go North as it’s the right thing to do. This puts him at an impasse with his sister. Cersei tells him that if he goes north, he’ll be committing treason. Once again, The Mountain unsheathes his sword waiting on Cersei’s say so. Jamie gambits that she won’t give the order, and walks away. As he prepares to head north, its starts to snow in King’s Landing. Winter has truly come.

Sam makes it to Winterfell and he runs into Bran. Bran then states that Jon is the “bastard” son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark and since he was born in Dorne, he should be “Jon Sand.” Then Sam drops his own bit of info. Turns out he was listening to Gilly about the marriage between Rhaegar and Lyanna. Then Bran flashes to the actual marriage as well as his birth. As a result, Jon Snow is not a bastard but “Aegon Targaryen.” With that news, Robert’s Rebellion is a lie and Jon is the true heir to the Iron Throne!

While Sam and Bran are talking about this info, we also see Jon and Daenerys finally getting it on (even though she’s his aunt). Tyrion looks angry at this union. Did he also love her?

Meanwhile, a little further north, there’s still an undead army that everyone has forgotten about. At Eastwatch, Tormund and Beric are at the top of the wall overlooking everything when they start to notice the dead showing up. At first, it’s a few, then it’s a whole lot more complete with undead giants! Then we hear the scream of Viserion. The undead dragon is being flown by the Night King and blasting the wall with an ice flame. The wall starts to come down (hopefully Tormund and Beric survived its collapse). Soon enough, the wall is completely down and the dead start marching through. The Great War has now begun!

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