Everyone needs a purpose in life. Without one, some feel incomplete, or empty. For Barry, he’s got things covered in that department. But for Iris and HR, both of them are as close to ordinary as can be on the show. On this week’s episode of The Flash, titled “Dead Or Alive,” Cisco, HR, and Iris struggle with some identity issues regarding their purpose in life. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman shows up looking for HR, but for all the wrong reasons. Hopefully, the trio can figure resolve their problems before time runs out for one of them.

It looks like whatever issues Barry and Wally had working as a team from the last episode has been resolved. Later, its revealed that HR has someone from his world looking for him. Her name is Gypsy, a woman known as a collector with the ability to vibe as well. Unfortunately for Cisco, she has her abilities figured out and completely under control. She even shows off the ability to stop a speedster right in his tracks as she stops Wally from coming after her. Gypsy makes her demands well-known and lets the team think about handing him over to her.In case you want to stream latest episode of The Flash You can stream on your tv directly using 7 days sling tv trail account.

As it turns out, HR has been broadcasting his novel back to Earth-19 without the team’s knowledge. This allowed her to track him to their world. But what is a collector according to their definition? HR tells them the story of how almost 25 years ago a neighboring Earth nearly conquered their world via interdimensional breaches. To prevent something like that from happening, HR’s world banned unregistered interdimensional traveling. To do would come with the penalty of death. Which is what HR would face if he were to return home.

The team takes their time in thinking about whether or not they should turn HR over to Gypsy. One argument to be made is how important he is to the future considering Barry saw him present at the time of Iris’ murder.

Speaking of Iris, she convinces her brother to help her with a story regarding a potential arms dealer within Central City. However, thanks to her new found knowledge about when she’ll die, Iris becomes reckless in her search for the criminal. When she and her brother finally locate him, he threatens to shoot her. She walks up to the gun and presses it against her chest muttering about how she knows she’s not supposed to die at that point. Wally comes swooping to capture the dealer. Afterwards, he and Barry take Iris aside to lecture her. It’s at that point when she reveals that she’s been searching for purpose in her life. Soon, its also revealed that HR’s reason to come to this Earth was to find purpose as well.

Moved by his reason to come to their Earth, Cisco offers to fight for HR through a “trial by combat.” After some training with the team, Cisco manages to defeat Gypsy and save HR from execution. Unfortunately, when she returns to Earth-19, she’ll have to report of HR’s death to keep others from coming after him. The episode comes to a close when Barry and Wally chat over the future of Iris. With Wally getting faster and faster (much faster than Barry), Barry’s new plan is for Kid Flash to stop Savitar.

Another story driven episode that will definitely make some people go crazy and keep others really happy. If you’re looking for some major action, you may want to skip this one. Fans should like this episode because it’s another play on Cisco’s “love life” and they get more back story to HR and Earth-19. However, the question that may be on everyone’s mind is what really happened to the coffee on their planet? Before Gypsy leaves, she manages to gather two huge tote bags full of the bean to take back with her. As she departs, she makes it clear that this won’t be the last time she’ll be seen on the show.

The fight between Gypsy and Vibe was special to watch. Up to now, audiences haven’t really seen Vibe in full Vibe mode, but with the help of Gypsy, someone who has full control of her powers (which are similar to Cisco’s) they got to see Vibe put on a show and more. With his ability to travel between dimensions so freely and be a potent fighter, Vibe is proving to be one of the most powerful meta-humans on the show.

Remember all of those wishes for this version of HR to stick around longer? Well, it looks like they’re all coming true. He may be more stuck than “welcomed” here, but at least he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

This was a pretty good episode all-around. For those looking for more action, they may not be in tuned with this one, but if you’re into story-driven episodes, then you’re in luck with this. Some honorable mentions go out to the addition of Julian to the team. There will need to be some adjustments made, but at least he’s contributing. And a shout out to Supergirl should be made. Her world was one of the places Gypsy and Vibe popped into during their fight. In case you can’t pinpoint when it was, the coffee table they broke as they were fighting was in Cat Grant’s office at CatCo.

The Flash airs every Tuesday on The CW at 8 PM EST. Check out a preview for next week’s all new episode titled, “Untouchable.”

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