Digger Harkness was a bastard from Australia. Raised in poverty by his mom, he received a boomerang as a gift one day and got awesome at using it. With no discernible military history to speak of, nor any known ownership of a boat, Harkness nonetheless ranked himself Captain Boomerang. Making an enemy out of the Flash, Dig used his skills to commit crimes until the day he died. But not before teaching his son Owen Mercer the fine arts of villainous stick throwing. Owen, as the new Captain Boomerang, followed in dad’s footsteps, further pissing off the Flash in the process. And since Flash has a new TV show in the mail, the creators have decided to jam pack it with his rogue’s gallery. But not with Captain Boomerang. No, he’ll appear on TV’s ‘Arrow’ instead. Read on to see who’s playing him.


Nick Tarabay of ‘Spartacus’ will be tasked with the difficult job of making Captain Boomerang interesting. Honestly, what I wrote about Harkness being a bastard, and his son doing a Boba Fett, being a chip off the ol’ block and such – that was all more intriguing than the concept of a dude throwing boomerangs. But Tarabay looks like he’s got what it takes to act his way around a piece of bent wood, so fingers are crossed. No word on why one of Flash’s foes are doing ‘Arrow,’ but there’s a good chance CB will appear in the mid-season, two-hour crossover event featuring both shows. And I’m betting cold hard cash that he’ll just be called ‘Boomerang.’ He’ll be depicted as a former agent and spy for A.R.G.U.S., a government agency led by Amanda Waller. This is also the organization he seeks to destroy.

Tarabay is from Lebanon. Will he fake an Aussie accent? Only time will tell. And more importantly, will his character die? Because, you see, he’s playing Digger Harkness – not his son Owen. Will we even see his son in any of the backstory plot? Will he have a son in the series? Questions!

I’m not entirely familiar with the character, but I know he hates the Flash enough to kill him, which he tries to do in the ‘Justice League Unlimited’ clip I included below. And that clip makes me think. Boomerang hangs out with Trickster, Captain Cold and Mirror Master.


Will the two shows introduce these characters in some form of alliance? A Task Force X or Suicide Squad for television? If that’s their grand plan, then holy shit that’s awesome. We already know that the Weather Wizard has been added to the Flash’s series. And, of course there’s Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold. I doubt he has a boat either.

I see amazing things on the way, True Believers! Tune in for the season premiere on October 8th at 8pm. Starring Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, Colton Haynes, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne, and John Barrowman.

Source –  EW!

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