Hollywood is either trolling, or they’ve officially run out of ideas. April Fools Day isn’t until Sunday so I’m thinking the latter.

A sequel to Twins -the 1988 comedy in which Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger starred as genetically engineered but not quite identical brothers – is officially happening. Universal and Montecito Picture Co. are developing it. And if things work out the way the companies want, Eddie Murphy will be the third brother.

THR says “the story would see Schwarzenegger and DeVito as brothers Julius and Vincent, conceived experimentally, who discover they have third sibling.”

The film will be called Triplets. Naturally.

Devito, with all the crazy shit he’s done on Always Sunny in Phildephia has no shame. It’s with out question, he’s on board. In fact, DeVito has talked actively about doing it.  Schwarzenegger  on the other hand, I know he has fallen on hard times, with the infidelity and what not, but even he has admit this is a bad idea.

On second thought. I’m starting to think we deserve this. Twins, for me, is one of those 80’s flicks I never returned to the video store. The concept was funny enough for many repeated viewings. I actually have to thank this film for teaching me the song “yakety yak”, the phrase “money talks and bullshit walks”. It also made me realize that no matter how hard I flex my bicep, I’ll never rip through a sleeve like Arnie did.

I can see it now. Schwarzenegger. DeVito. Murphy. –  The muscles. The leftovers. The dick.

Yep… I’m all about seeing this. Ah fuck! I’m back to the realization of how fucking stupid this is.  It’s Murphy that’s ruining it for me. Name ONE good Eddie Murphy movie in the past decade (where he isn’t a CGI donkey)?

Oh well, Murphy is supposedly only interested in “edgy” stuff now, so maybe Universal we’ll find some other happy faced black guy.

Anyway, this news has been quiet the emotional rollar coaster.

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