Two Ways to Get to Know Michonne

Everyone’s got Michonne fever, but if you only know of the sword wielding bad-ass from her brief introduction during the season finale of The Walking Dead, now you’ve got a chance to get acquainted with the source material. Robert Kirkman and ComiXology have made Walking Dead #19 free for digital download in an effort to more fully introduce people to the character. There, I just saved you $2, you can aim your prayers upward, I would like a pony.

Speaking of the character, actress Danai Gurira spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about which direction Michonne will take in the far far away 3rd season, how she found out that she got the role, and how her own background in the theater may inform the character, here’s a taste:

I was trying to really investigate a character and allow her to have as much dimension as possible and crack it open even more. What you see through the writing and vision of the creator, you add to it by bringing your full humanity and by really delving into the character’s background and their motives and fears, all those things can make a multidimensional character come to life. That’s how I’ve been trained from the beginning and how I’ve created characters in the past on the stage or through my playwriting. I plan to bring all of that to the table to allow Michonne to be as rich and complex as possible. I’m excited to bring her to life as someone who really has a lot of life and a lot of complexity.

Boy that sounds actorly. For more of THR’s interview go here, for more on the upcoming NBC sitcom Best Friends Forever, go to hell.

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