Ultimate Spider-Man debuts on Disney XD this weekend. This NerdBastard is ready to give it a shot. Marvel has put together this featurette to get fans interested and spread the news. Like most featurettes this one is full of how great everything will be and how much fun everyone had working on the project.

The words “Over the top” kind of worries me though. Is the action over the top or the humor and silliness? Stan Lee is going to have a recurring role as a janitor . . . I love Stan, but the cameos are getting old.

The supporting cast for this series is pretty strong. Chi Mcbride as Nick Fury is fantastic and eveyone loves J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. Agent Coulson (Actor Clark Gregg from the Avengers movie) will be Peter’s school principal. That move might just save a lot of slipping out of school to save the world issues.

I am excited to see Iron Fist in the supporting cast and the expected guest stars and villains list looks good too.

Take a look at the featurette and then set your DVR for the premire of Ultimate Spiderman this weekend.  

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