Uncanny X-Men is Ending!

With all the news about the (however insane it may seem) DC comic universe re-boot, DC is certainly getting a lot of press about it.

But, the other big comic name, Marvel, refuses to be left out. And, is true shock-and-awe fashion, are cancelling the flagship comic book of the X-Men franchise, Uncanny X-Men.

Issue 544, which will ship is September of this year, will be the last. And, in honor of that, has a cover showcasing the original X-Men team: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman and Angel.

You are probably thinking, why would Marvel DO such a crazy thing? Uncanny X-Men was the introductory title of the X-Men, and has run almost continuously since 1963!!

Well, in addition to selling more books (most final issues do sell more than average), it would appear that this fits in among the event that will be tearing the X-Men apart at the time, known as Schism.

All that is known is that there is something that forces Wolverine and Cyclops to be at odds, and will likely change the X-Men as we know it today. So, Uncanny X-Men will most likely be replaced with another X-title. But, we won’t know what that is until we get closer to the end of Schism.

Be sure to stay tuned, as the times are changing in the X-Universe!

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