While an aging Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, stars of the Bill & Ted Franchise, have said time and time again that a 3rd movie is in development, time, relevance, and scripting out a worthy story, has kept the proposed threequel in stagnation. It’s been 25 years since Bill and Ted’s last cinematic outing (in 1991’s Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey), a new movie that satisfies fans of the originals and appeals to modern audience becomes more and more audacious as the years go by. These challenges in congruity, however, only seem to apply to the Bill & Ted movie-verse. The characters themselves, are still around, thriving in their loveable stupidity and surfer-eques/wannabe rocker demeanor, at an annual stage show in Universal Studios Florida


During select nights in Sep and October, Universal Studios unleashes its Halloween Horror Nights. The park pivots from its normal daytime family friendly amusements to an all-out Halloween Nightmare – offering award-winning scare mazes based on Horrors biggest franchises and properties. Breaking away from the haunts is the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween stage show, now in its 25th year. Living up to its moniker, the 30-minute show gives a most excellent nostalgia trip for two of pop cultures’ most beloved characters and takes them on a truly outrageous journey.

The outrageousness could not be more understated. While this is Bill and Ted as you know them (played by mock actors of course), the story and presentation that plays out, is the most obscene, craziest, and funniest, adult themed dance and comedy specials this side of the time stream.

The Bill & Ted spectacular unveils an entirely new scripted show each and every year. While the performers and story change, audiences are guaranteed 3 things:

1)      Sexy Dancers (male and female)

2)      Pyrotechnics (of moderately affordable proportions)

3)      A complete and utter roasting of the year in popular culture

It cannot be up talked enough how bonkers this show is and what deep cuts they make. Movies, Television, Politics, Music, Sports… nothing is left unscathed.  This year, 2016, provided a wealth of material that was weaved into this crazy ass show.


From scantily clad female Storm Troopers dancing till their breast plates come off, a teenage angst driven Kylo Ren taking orders from Donald Trump,  Batman Vs Superman Vs Wonder Woman in a game of Cards Against Humanity, the dangers of Pokemon GO!,  Tony Stark Vs Captain America In a Game of live-action Mortal Kombat W/ Abe Lincoln And John Wilkes Booth, The Chewbacca Mom being frozen in Carbonite, a reference to Stranger Things, Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters, or Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pouring hot sauce on her boobs, makes for not even half of the fury of fun and gags in this very adult show. It all comes to a toe-tapping crescendo with a dance number honoring the late David Bowie and Prince (Oh, the feels).

The writing is sharp, fast and furious. The humor comes on in a cascade of laughs that borders somewhere between Family Guy and Southpark. The production is well choreographed with flashy dance numbers. The lights, music, and pyrotechnics illuminate the stage. It all ties together with a story that makes all gags, jokes, and pop culture pulls flow seamlessly. If there are jokes that fall flat or any moment dull, the audience is having too much fun to care.

The show’s lewdness could be considered off-color for what fans remember of Bill & Ted in the movies, but despite the PG ratings of the original films, the concept of two losers traveling through time in a phone booth meeting famous historical figures has always been stoner based humor. Bill and Teds Most Excellent Halloween is stoner humor to the 10th degree.

The comedy is not for everyone. In fact, the show has come under fire a few times with outcriers citing past shows/skits as homophobic, sexist, and racist. But that’s comedy for you. Laughs often come at the expense of things that other people don’t find funny. Or, as social justice warriors would tell you, shouldn’t be funny. Anything that is deemed insensitive, disrespectful  or perpetuates hate and misconceptions should be re-evaluated. This is why we live in such a PC culture right with people walking on eggshells not trying to offend anyone. How far a joke or stunt goes is subjective and sometimes things do go too far, and hey sometimes a joke is just bad, but comedy exists solely to make light of people and situations, reminding us to not take things so gosh darn seriously. If you want safe, if you want something saccharin, then Disney is right down the street (and boy does Universal have a lot of fun poking fun at their extinguished competitor). This year, the very worse of Bill And Ted’s Halloween Adventure can be criticized for is the half naked models bouncing around on stage… but it’s consensual comedy smut, for the sake of fun. It takes characters like Bill and Ted, and an outlandish show like this, to remind us that we can laugh at almost anything and still be excellent to each other.

So…the raunchy jockish humor and sexiness might be off-putting to some and the whirlwind of cultural references might be lost on others, but if you’re a man-child or fan of popular culture and like irreverent topical humor, this is as wild and as good as it gets. They sure do put the wild in “Wyld Stallions”.

Recording of this show is strictly prohibited. Naturally, that means videos of it can be found online. Buttcam footage of this year’s show and past shows can be pulled with a moderate effort but this really is quite the spectacle to enjoy in person. Laugh, sing, and cheer along side the other drunks, the ADD afflicted, jovial fools, and all others who are ready to “Party On”.

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